Saturday, October 04, 2008


Don’t kiss me on the cheek like a maiden aunt, or

bear hug me within an inch of my life.

Don’t peck me, pat me, pet me

or give me the beer slap

Don’t hold me at arms length,

or slobber in my ear.

And please,

don’t rub me like a magic lamp

or knead me like dough

Can you learn not to chew me like a toffee,

or lick me like the dog?


do as you would be done by.

The returns will be worth it.

I am not your mother.

Don’t turn from me

Don't negate my passion

I am am unbreakable china, so

kiss me like a lover.

Kiss me like you mean it.

Kiss me to my soul.

Honour my lips

I am worth learning


Debi said...

First verse had me cringing. Bleurgh!

Lucky those last few lines told 'em what you DO want ...

Unknown said...

Been chewed like a toffee then, Debi? Heh.

Unknown said...

You gotta just hate it when you get chewed like a toffee... and wet ears just ain't no fun!

Unknown said...

There really ought to be some kind of kissing school.
You could have a diploma in snogging, or somesuch....

Yodood said...
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Anonymous said...

Got Milk?

Yodood said...

On my bended knee
Before the learning tree
No tongue to frozen pole
This kindling for the human soul

Unknown said...

I have indeed, Leslie, and plenty of it - why?

A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom - Frost
Thanks, Yodood.

red dirt girl said...

i think kissing school is a GRAND idea - i'd love to be a teacher ...! are there exams we must pass? certifications ?? how do we get evaluated ??

my mulish kick: the opening act should be, well ... the opening act - not a 1.2 minute advert on the 'telly'

glad you like the beach wear .... bare hoof is actually the best thing - just not for wandering the aisles of the market!


S.L. Corsua said...

That last line is a winner, and all those before it lend zest to its impact. A priceless statement of self-worth as a woman. Now, whispering it to someone's ear an inch away... That'll make knees weak. ;)

Elaine Denning said...

That was music to my ears!

Unknown said...

Heh, heh, Mule - St Canoodles run by Principal Smooch? Evening classes, of course!
And yes, flippers with heels - what else would you wear on the beach?

Thank you, Ms Unguarded, considering that kissing is far more intimate than sex itself it amazes me that people don't practice more often. I am on a mission now to find an ear to whisper into!!

Oooh, shit, I didn't mean to whisper in yours, Elaine!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Love the imagry...
Love your candidness...
Relationships are bittersweet most times.

Unknown said...

One can always be candid when one is on the outside, Petra. This was a chance comment by a friend who was moaning about being improperly kissed (as opposed to improper kissing, I suppose!). Although I have had experience of crap kissing!

Jannie Funster said...

How cool, I made it to the inner sanctum.

Now I'm thinking about kissing when I ought to be taking the steel wool to the stew pot.

Fuck the stew pot.

Bring on some lips!


Unknown said...

JF - you want to kiss Hendrix, Stewart, Choo? Make up yer mind.

BTW - only special people make it into the Inner Sanctum, you are among some very classy, non-pot-scubbing, kissers of distinction!

Unknown said...


bulletholes said...

Minx, you are a true Romantic. I guess a little respect goes a long ways.
I'm a good kisser. Used to practice with my best friend Greg.

bulletholes said...

But that was long ago...

Jon M said...


Unknown said...

Are we air kissing, John G, or are you trying to scare me. I'm out of practice!

It's best to practice with someone you know, Bullets. Kissing random strangers can get you arrested.

Don't spill yer soup, Jon.

Rita said...

Whoa! That is just awesome.

Rita said...

Oh, BTW, I liked your "Just Lily" story, too. Only it came at a bad time.

Unknown said...

Thanks, HM, sorry it came at the wrong time.

Taffiny said...

hmm....must check my passion meter, seems to be very low. You can not imagine how long it took me to see the forms in the photo. It was just pretty smears for the longest time.

I myself only kiss passionately in my dreams.