Friday, March 23, 2007

Blog nasties

We all complain about what's on TV. There is a simple answer - it's called the 'off' switch - an under-used device that should be employed far more than it is. The same goes for blogging.
In the last week I have come across two blogs, who for one reason or another, mostly unfathomable, have been 'attacked' by someone in their comments box. Mutley was a victim to this person, who left giant sized repetitive comments all because he was a commenter on another blog. Mutley's blog itself is not for the faint at heart, with its mixture of off-the-wall rude humour, but why do some people behave like this?
A while ago I came under the same sort of attack. My blog rapist started with a few nasty comments on the blog and then turned his attentions to violating my email inbox night and day. I was gallantly supported by my fellow bloggers (HERE) through a nasty couple of weeks but I still do not understand what make these cowards behave in such a way.
If you don't agree with the content of a blog - then stay away.
This is the one place where there is still free speech - Big Brother has not poked his nose in, and although there are some very perverted blogs out there, mostly they die a death, or are flagged by the blogging community. You may not agree with the content of a post, or that of the blog itself, but surely we are adult enough to have intelligent debate about our difference of opinion.

My own experience shook me up a little, made me wiser about this blog thing - it also taught me how to put padlocks on me emails.
The only consolation that came out of the whole nasty episode was that my attacker very often called me a 'cnut' - the dyslexic tawt!


Unknown said...

Maybe the weirdo couldn't spell coconut... or am I being too innocent?

TotallyUn-Pc said...

sounds like he was a total wnaker!

Debi said...

Or perhaps it was a typo for Canute?

All life is out there, sweetie. Sorry - that was a typo - I meant sweatie.

Unknown said...

V, your innocence shines through as we shall see in yer interview...

Hello Totallyun (Rozzer with attitude?) - are they all male these fickwats? I must arrange a survey.

I am just a simple Cornish girl, Debi. It shocks me, still, that there is life beyond the bridge in Engerland.

Unknown said...

Why is dyslexia so hard to psell?

Lee said...

OK, shoot me, but I don't agree. Differences of opinion, if exchanged reasonably, are the basis of a blog conversation. Not abuse, however...

Modo said...

I admired the moderate way that Mr. Mutley treated his blog terrorism. He must be a dog of the old school.
Afternoon to you Miss Minx. Nice to be 'quainted.

Debi said...

You caught her out, Lee! Although she did say:

'If you don't agree with the content of a blog - then stay away.'

she also said:

'we are adult enough to have intelligent debate about our difference of opinion'

I think the point is that if you don't like a blog in general, stay away. If it's a blogger you know and like but disagree on a particular issue, by all means express your views - but do so with respect.

S. Kearney said...

They come in all states and guises ... the best ones are the ones we can put back in the box! Good words, Minx.

Meloney Lemon said...

this person is a bully - with a tiny, tiny willy.
Didn't know one could lock one's emails. Sorry, I sound like the Queen. Ahem I can assure you I em not.(but can we be sure?)

Unknown said...

Lee, in the cases that I have quoted I meant that the the abuser took against the whole blog or worse still, against the individual.
My own abuser contantly caled me a "fucking evil bitching cunt(cnut)" - there was not much to have a conversation about!
You know me well enough to know that I don't shy away from opinion, if that's what it is, and welcome healthy debate. I am sorry if this wasn't clear in the post.

Hi Mr Modo, quainted, likewise. Comment moderation is a wonderful tool at the bloggers disposal.

Thanks Shameless, I think Mutley would agree with me when I say that when this happens you feel somewhat violated. I was extremely glad of the valiant support of a number of bloggers who kept me afloat when I was feeling very down.

Lee said...

No, no, Kate, the fault was probably mine. I guess I didn't realise just how abusive these types were. I definitely know how open to debate you are - and never meant to imply that you weren't.

Actually, I've been thinking about doing a post about why a lot of people use comments to attack others, but now I'm going to have to reconsider my ideas in light of such virulent attacks. Naive as I was, I didn't even know that sort of thing happened. I only was aware of the 'usual' sort of vitriol.

The Rooms Gallery said...


Made apology (head hung in shame)

Hitch evil bad man, pretend parody but not. Hitch nasty racist.
Thought Mutley was Hitch associate. Baby Jesus is very very very angry for things that have been said on The Hitch. But attacked poor Mutley (no excuse)
How can Minx attack Baby Jesus without interlocution first?

so you think Baby Jesus a violator?

thinks this devalues the pain of those that have suffered real violation.

The Rooms Gallery said...

... tiny willy! Who been telling tales? Besides... Baby!

Unknown said...

Baby Gee, what you did was indeed nasty but I congratulate you on having the balls to come forward and apologise for your MISTAKE.

I have not attacked you, I have merely pointed out that I found your behaviour to be wankerish.
The hitch has his own theories on life and as far as I am aware he does not inflict them off his blog unless invited. If you have a problem, then THAT is the place in which to debate them, not picking on poor, innocent dogs, or anyone one else who practices their freedom of speech.

Take no notice of Queen Meloney's comments about yer tiny dick - I have very few readers!

Unknown said...

Linda, if we blog with honesty then we must expect to answer questions from all quarters. It is no good putting up our own opinions if we cannot respect the views of others.
I have viewed The Hitch, his blog is extreme but not illegal, and to be honest I have come across far worse since I have been blogging. I exercise my right not to return there as the Baby Gee should - and then perhaps he should get on with some blogging that would actually do some good in the world as his namesake suggests.

Having said all that, the world would be a very boring place if we all held the same values and views.

The Rooms Gallery said...

Wankerish....! Ouchy.

mea culpa

(do you remove curses? I was cursed with a sore throat after mistreating a gypsy)

Unknown said...

Absolvo - absit invidia.

The Rooms Gallery said...

Cheers. Can I pay you with one of my favorite jokes?

How do you kill an entire circus? Go for the juggler

Rob Windstrel Watson said...

I once got a comment email for one of my completely innocent short story sites that consisted almost entirely of 'I'm going to eat your brains' and variations on that theme. It was most unpleasant.

The Internet puts us all just one click away from the nicest and the nastiest people in the world and occasionally, unfortunately, the latter raise their heads.

You have my sympathies.