Thursday, March 22, 2007

Debi Alper and John Ahearn (they both need some undies - can you help?)

Debi blogs HERE at Debi Alper - with a mix of life as a published author, human interest and human horror. She's gorgeous!
1.Why did you start blogging?
Because I was told to by the wonderful friend who set up my website. She told me having a blog would keep my site fresh ... She didn't tell me it would eat up my life ... (or that you were going to have a ball, or that you would meet some, umm, interesting characters)
2.When will you stop?
More like 'why would I stop?' (you dare)
3.What is your favourite kind of post to write?
Little pithy ones. Though I also like the long pissy ones ....
4.Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blogs (lit, arty, funny, stupid etc) – what do you mean they're not diverse?
Examples? Do I have to do everything around here? Look - no one needs to take my word for it that they're diverse and fab. Just click the links.

5.You can have five bloggers over for tea and cakes – who would you choose?
Oh - only 5? I'm better with small groups but could it be 5 a week for several weeks? OK - for the first week, your gorgeous self of course, Skint, Melony, Shameless & Cailleach. But then I see Mel all the time in Real Life so maybe the Carver instead ... Or Atyllah ... Or Marie ... Or whoever promises the best cakes ... (well, that's me out - cakeless)
6.You have the power to blow up one blog – who?
A very naughty question that I refuse to answer. (mail me)
7.What colour underwear are you wearing?
What's 'underwear'? (oh dear)


John T Ahearn

John blogs HERE at Wordcarving. He is a poet, writer, artist and fiddler of all things photographic. He is Merkan, but is forgiven as he writes some of the smartest poetry in the Blogworld.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I was forced into it by a witch. I still don't quite know how it happened. (lies)

2. When will you stop?

When the spell is broken, or I turn into a frog, whichever is first. (you are not a frog - you is Merkan)

3. What is your favourite kind of post to write?

I don't write posts, only poems. My favorite kinds are the ones that don't make me chew my nails and lose sleep. I'm hoping for one of those soon...

4. Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blogroll (lit, arty, funny, stupid etc) – what do you mean they're not diverse?

I do have a diversity of links, some funny, some arty, some lit. Mostly, they're blogs I like to read, written by people I like. I have some favorite stupid ones too, but those are best not inflicted on others. (why not?)

5. You can have five bloggers over for tea and cakes – who would you choose?

Pundy, Minx, Debi, Skint, Shameless, in discovery order--but fuck the tea; it seems like a drinking crowd. Of course, all would be welcome. (Clynelish anyone?)

6. You have the power to blow up one blog – who?

Can't allow myself to think in that direction--where would one stop?

7. What colour underwear are you wearing?

I'm not wearing any. (this is worrying, you saucy pair - have I missed something, is there a new law against covering one's bits?)


Anonymous said...

Its all brilliant and fascinating stuff Ms Minx- really well done!

Unknown said...

Maybe they were out of matching underwear Minxy. Surely comando is better than mismatched underwear.

S. Kearney said...

Oooooo, lovely, two invites to tea and cake!! I would be honoured. These would be interesting, memorable events I'm sure and of course I would do my duty and bring along spare underwear!!! ... though, I have to warn you, they would be OUT THERE!

Unknown said...

They are fascinating, especially their underwear apparently!

I agree Verilion - match yer underwear or die of shame under that bus.
And is being nekkid underneath really necessary when there is so much good underwear to be had?

The less said about yours the better Mister I'm-not-quite-as-Shameless-as-I-was!

S. Kearney said...

Not that Shameless so as to wear nofing though! To the betterment of you all!

pundy said...

So that's what JTA looks like - I am truly amazed. Honestly, I pictured him as a white-haired, bearded backwoodsman peering myopically through thick pebble glasses.

You sure he hasn't re-touched that photo?

Debi said...

She's retouched my photo! My neck's never that scraggy. And she's added an extra chin! And more teeth. And an additional acre of forehead ...

How could you! I thought you were my friend ... (runs off sobbing, falls under bus, family have to live with shame re lack of underwear)

Unknown said...

Thank you Shameless, very decent of you.

Funny isn't it, Pund. Can we ever really imagine what the face behind a writing voice looks like? I am sure John will be delighted with your imagination!
And yes, he could have re-touched it - you know only too well where his talents lie!

Debi, you're beautiful....with or without yer knickers!

Anonymous said...

I have found a rubber thong which someone has used to train a dog, as it is covered in bite marks and smells of fish... also a bra in size 88 Double G cup - and a small orange Ra ra skirt suit size 8. Any of this useful to yer knickerless friends?

Debi said...

Gosh, Mutley. That's such a kind and thoughtful offer. So very hard to resist ...

My labels are very partial to fish. In fact my labels ARE fish. I hope you won't mind if I pass your tempting offer to them.

Unknown said...

Debi, how rude, when the Mut had obviously turned his whole wardrobe upside down for you.

I will have to pass on the bra (a little on the small side) but I will fight you over the ra-ra ensemble - I have an interview coming up!

Anonymous said...

The Ra Ra is in the post Ms Minx! I am nothing if not generous - I wondered if the bra was a little small. I shall look through the heaps outside once more to see if anything can be salvaged!

Unknown said...

Not to worry Mut, I usually make do with a couple of dustbin lids and some heavy duty webbing.

Unknown said...

Fur coat and no knickers... only joking, I know that Debi wouldn't wear fur...!

Roberta said...

Wait a minute. I'm not on this list of frequent visits. I'm hurt! Then today in my mail I get a response. Dog house roses to YOU buddy. :)

It's actually okay. I don't write that well anymore, anyway.

I'll try to improve.

Debi said...

No no, Cailleach. You're confusing me with Kate Moss. An easy mistake to make. We both ... er ... have 2 legs and ... um ... breathe.

Unknown said...

Yes! Kate Moss. Cailleach's right - it all makes sense. That day at Paddington station when Princess Anne screamed to a halt beside us. I thought she said 'Fuck orf you two' when really she was saying 'How's Pete Doherty?'.

Kate Moss, yes, mmmm, I always thought she was taller!

Debi said...

She is taller. Though actually that should read that I am shorter.

We both have legs just that hers are longer. And mine are wider ...

Unknown said...

I would imagine that this is only a matter of perspective. You may extremely tall to a man lying down in your path.
I am glad you are not Kate Moss - she puts things up her nose that are not buttons. My sister used to do that, shove buttons up her nose, but she always was a bit odd. She swallowed a safety pin that wasn't safe once.