Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A small, but perfectly formed competition

Following on from yesterday's post I realised how much Vettriano's art has inspired my own writing (HERE and HERE).
Does it inspire you?

I hope so.

Below are three pictures that, for me, evoke a range of ides and emotions and I would like to invite invite you to share yours.
Picture one
Picture two

Picture three
In no more than 500 words of prose or poetry, pick a picture, write the words and send your thoughts to:
innerminx at googlemail dot com

no later than Friday 22nd June.

A simple 'word doc' attachment should do the trick, along with your name and blog and the number of the picture you chose.

I will showcase each entry on The Little Minx (my short story blog) and the winners will receive a copy of me infamous novel 'Coven of One'. Should you already be a proud owner of the purple peril, then I will find a prize tailor-made for you!

The first entry is up on LITTLE MINX
If you wish to sway my decision, then please leave your comments in the box provided below each enrty. However, if you go beyond the remit of 'constructive criticism' I will chop yer hands off.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

How fun! You are such a clever little Minx. I love that about you. I also love your taste in art... Vettriano is fabulous.

Well then, off to the drawing board I go!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

PHWAAOOR! Is number 3 you?

Jan said...

Good idea, Shall have a go if time be willing.
You are great to give encouragement to others, Minx!

Jon M said...

What?! More vulgarity, my goodness woman! Who do I complain to? :-)I'll have to conduct an indepth investigation and close scrutiny of these offensive pictures before I decide what action to take...

Short story eh? Thinks....

Unknown said...

Good, Scarlett, tap-tap!

Yes, John G, of course it's me!

Your words would be appreciated, Jan, pretty please?

Complain to who you like, Jon, I embrace vulgarity - I am a vulgarian! Anyway, choose a pic and get some words to me, pronto!

The first entry is already in......

Jon M said...

I should have read your powems first, I think you should win!

Unknown said...

Very kind, Jon, but I am surrounded by proper poets - shhhh!
Now, where's yer entry - I'm ready to go?

Roberta said...


I like numbers two and three. I have my thinking cap on. These paintings are wonderful!

Unknown said...

Lovely Roberta, now get cracking!

Vesper said...

Sounds very tempting. I, too, love Vettriano.
You have a wonderful blog, fellow lion keeper, full of verve - a pleasure to look at.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ms Vesper, a pleasure, in turn, to meet you.
How Seamus the Lion Tamer, is going to keep us all under control I can't imagine!

Vesper said...

Control?!? That's where the fun will be! :-)
But, he's already cracked his whip at me for having a too long a poem.

Unknown said...

Yes, and watch yer apostroph'e's - he's a stickler!

Anonymous said...

I shall enter - I would love to stay and gossip but my muse awaits!!

Unknown said...

Oh goody. Will it be a romance, Mut? I am hoping that Johannes Bellrooville will be in it! Can I join in again? No? Oh, all right.

S. Kearney said...

Oh dear, Minx, I'm not sure that I can do it ... what with all the lion poo that needs cleaning up and all those empty cages that need cleaning out! :) Also, I've got lots of these to swat: ,,''',,',,',',,,''',,','',,',,',,,',,',',','''',,'',. They are everywhere and they need to be tamed. If only they were as easy to tame as the lions were! :)

Unknown said...

You made me write 48 words, Shameless - say no more.

S. Kearney said...

Oh, alright then, big bully. But actually I do love these pics and feel all inspired now. Plus the lion poo was easier to deal with than I thought. I just ate it. :)