Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gin Scribblings at dawn

As Cotton

Sweep aside veiled amusement allowing
those gentle teeth to bite down upon a neck
that surrenders to the misery of bliss.
We could dance to the point of it all
ignoring those best remembered lies
laughing at those without the light but

fervid is the wind that sobers
sour is the pill of truth

This septic heart is better than no heart at all

Brush away doubting thoughts allowing
those strong hands to cup this face
that hides from the hell of refutation
The tiger will not leave the building,
dancing his tormented tango as you
wrap me in the cotton of your words and
take me home to where I think I should be


Unknown said...

Apologies, very rough first draft, might 'grow' this one at some point!

Anonymous said...

Apologies for what? Thanks for the poem, Minx. You've a talent.

As for 'growing' them, yes, do, all of them. Consider all unfinished forever, even after publication, and keep working on them. It's great fun to compare the absolute first drafts with ones from ten years later. Astonishing, even.

Judging by the photos, you're having a better weekend than I am. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Sorry Maxine, yes po was here earlier and I noticed a typo then blogger wouldn't give it back, gnash, gnash!

Jta, too kind, considering your beautiful words!
And the weekend - only marred by the thought of trying to work in this heat tomorrow. Hope yours improves.

Susan said...

Lovely, Minx! Nice alliteration too.

Anonymous said...

cool dense words minx - lollops along nicely :)

Unknown said...

Thoughtful critique Skint, thanks!

Susan said...

Mines shortest!

Unknown said...

And sweet, Susan.

'Lollops', I ask you, do you know how much blood went into this poor effort???

Marie said...

Yes, you are very talented, Minx. Love 'dancing his tormented tango as you wrap me in the cotton of your words'.

Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks for the re-post, Minx! I daren't say anything with all this erudite literary criticism around: but I do like it.