Thursday, May 10, 2007

Onan kara

She was laced in beauty once,
mirror honest, timeless
fresh as churned summer and
easy on the peacocks eye.
Laughter was her language
enough to clean a soul, that
hunted through the darkened sun
to find what must be held

She kissed the hand that thieved
rapt delight, unguarded thrall
smiling in self-cleverness
drunk on sapphire wine.
Glory was her clothing as
the fiddler played a tune, that
muted notes of candour.
She danced a tango just for one

Now summer weeps upon a floor
swept by winters hardest frost
barren scars replaced the dream
of promise deep within.
Onan kara,
long forgotten
faded skeins of lies
no artistry, no love libretto
or lasting, steadfast
song of life.


S. Kearney said...

very elegant, minx. classy and yet raw.

Roberta said...

I had to look Onan kara up. Very touching and the photograph is perfect!

Unknown said...

I suppose I should have explained that - it means 'once loved' in Cornish (Kernewek).

gautami tripathy said...

"Now summer weeps upon a floor
swept by winters hardest frost"

Beautiful imagery in there..

Nowhere Land

Nooy said...

Sad and beautifull..

I found the biykcbsrd!

Debi said...

haunting and beautiful ...

Unknown said...

Onan Kara is a beautiful word and this is a beautiful but sad poem. I want her to have a happy ending... I'm having a soppy moment.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful sad poem. I like the phrase 'churned summer' and the image of her dancing a tango for one - surely one of the most difficult dances to do alone, which is so fitting to the theme of the poem.

Marie said...

Great imagery, Minx.

Unknown said...

I've got over my soppy moment Minx, still love the poem and BTW May's looking great!

Unknown said...

Funny, isn't it, the Cornish language is one of the most ugly looking languages ever invented. Not surprisingly it died a spoken death quite a few years ago.
Apart from Bluvenn (pen) and kalgh (umm, willy), Onan kara sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb.

Sorry for the 'soppy', V, although I think it should be 'soggy' today - we have had a plague of rain.

Thank you Poetry Thursday visitors - exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Lovely minxie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ok -its an open goal... Onan not to do with Onanism is it because
**dragged off amidst muffled screams**

Unknown said...

Have you been at the sherry, Mutley?