Saturday, May 12, 2007

Please help yourself


It appears that some of you are going through a bad spell.

Take one of my charm bottles, fill it with the thoughts of things you wish to get rid of and send it off to the outer reaches of the ether with love and light. The problem should have gone by
7.31 a.m tomorrow morning, although this is not an exact science!

(please note that lazy husbands or wayward wives will need
something a little larger than a bottle)



Meloney Lemon said...

That bottle of Shiras Cabernet 2005 would be about the right size. So I'd better make sure it's empty..... Hic... and wish.

Unknown said...

Now is that 7.31 am GMT, or GMT + 1?

Roberta said...

I've always said:
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotamy.

I'll take that little one in the back. My troubles seem to be diminishing by themselves!

By the way, Minx. In the US we are celebrating Mother's Day. A happy one to you and to all of you moms out there.

Unknown said...

Watch out for hicwishes, Meloney, you can never remember what you have wished for.

Don't be pedantic, V, it's magick not rocket science!

Hope it helps it a little more then, Roberta. Happy Mom's Day back to you - I deserve one today as I have just stood for hours watching the Small Fecker lose a cup final (football). Btw I am making a wish for myself that someone will magick away Big Feckers bedroom and replace it with a nice bright, shiny clean one - who am I kidding, there is no spell bottle big enough for that one!

John said...

Gotny barrls? Jereboams?

Unknown said...

I have an old water butt in the garage, John. I was saving it for an emergency but I will lend it to you - good witch that I am. Just be careful with it, I don't think it floats!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, though I am not sure I can send those things off with love or light. I am actually having trouble collecting them, to be quite honest.

I will bottle that thought though, that good thought of wishing the bad away and maintaining the good.

Anonymous said...

May I order a gross??

Unknown said...

The power of positive thought - not as difficult as you may think although I have been trying to fit my smother-in-law into a bottle for years - she is very stubborn.

I'll line 'em Mut, and you fill 'em.