Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family portrait

Dear Mum and Dad,
it's been nearly ten years since you both hopped off this mortal coil.
I know I wasn't always a conventional daughter, shunning the marriage/house/children order of things in favour of doing it my own way, but you adored the Feckers.

Todd is now 19 and Dale is 16, and if you have a computer in the next world I just thought you might like to print off this picture because we love it.
I know it looks as if Big Fecker is punching Small Fecker in the head, he probably was, but I just wanted you to know that we're doing slightly better than just a conventional okay!

Love and light


Pallav said...

This is cool! Nice pic, lot of attitude all around :)


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

LOVELOVELOVE the photo. This is an *awesome* shot.

Boys will be boys, though, and if Todd was punching Dale in the head, at least he was doing it behind your back.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

soubriquet said...

That's a fecking excellent picture, groovy photography, Minx and her henchmen!

Unknown said...

We had a free session at a studio. She wanted us to be all cutsey but we went for mean and moody.
I am so glad it didn't turn out like 'mummy and her little boys'!

pee ess Scarlett, if Todd was going to punch his brother in the head he would probably get me to hold him still anyway!

mac said...

You're a photogenic family.

The pic is kind of attitude-y. But a little attitude never hurt anyone, right?

It seems my boy won't even pose for a picture. He hides his face whenever a camera is close.

Unknown said...

I love this picture - wonder if mine would stand still long enough to get all six of them looking in the same direction long enough to actually snap them... love your outfit, BTW!

Unknown said...

Mac, offer him money - works every time!

Babs, see above and then glue them into position.

Unknown said...

BTW has anyone got any glue - my Small Fecker is broken!!
He had an argument with a bike today while road running and has broken his collar bone!

mac said...


I know there was a discussion a short while back about kids being safer these days?

Well, I was wrong. That broken collar bone is gonna hurt!

Reading the Signs said...

and a fine-looking couple of feckers they are too - lovely photo altogether. I think I'll write something to my dad-in-heaven too. They probably do have computers there - big mac kind of things.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Mac, have decided that kids are better off in cotton wool!

Signs, I am sure it won't be long before we can talk to the, umm, deceased via he intertube. Maybe 'dmail' or 'afterlife messenger'?

Heh, heh, beautiful they may be, Muts, but they can't pick their own socks up!

bulletholes said...

It looks like a culture Club Album cover.
Very cool.

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