Sunday, April 04, 2010


It has been quite a while since I have done this but this morning I perched.

The gulls grakked their annoyance at my intrusion but I glared at them and let them get on with their flying practice.

A couple of walkers (the strange tribe who reckon that walking along the cliffs involves Himalayan strength boots and 20 layers of waterproof, breathable clothing, not to mention the weird sticks!) were patrolling my spot so I glared at them as well until they moved off and continued their 50 mile hike along the coast.

I was armed with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, oh, and a camera, and I settled down to have a half hour perch.

And that's about it really.

Perch = an elevated place to sit and rest.

Where is yours?



Yodood said...

That you perch and told me so assures me that you may have recognized my perch from past poists. Partners in perching, the only way to see or think for oneself. ;•D

soubriquet said...

Nice pic, Minx, and a laugh with it too. I'm always amused, sitting atop a bit of rock, and gazing across Yorkshire, at the folk out walking, dressed in their "Patagonia" and "Berghaus" and "Mountain Equipment" gear, the fancy boots, the rehydration packs, the backpack bulging at the seams.... And of course, the fancy pole with carbon-fibre and titanium...
And I've watched them, dammit. They got out of that Volvo, half a mile away, by the roadside. And after they've come up here and loudly shattered my reverie, they'll take a dozen pics, get the map out, and undertake the arduous trek back to the fecking car. Next stop the tearooms in Skipton. Arsewits.

Nice pic there, Minx, I have to go about sixty miles to get a sea view. And I do like sitting, watching the waves surge over the rocks.
Rocks without waves? About ten minutes.

mac said...

We have mountains here. I like to take that pink bike out for a summers ride into the mountains, find a nice look-out point and perch (thanks for that word, I hadn't thought of it that way).

As I sit, I sometimes get passers-by who wish to yak it up about Peaches(the bike) or explain to me "Yeah, that's a great way to find yourself."

I think to myself, "Buzz off jerky. I ain't lost! Nor am I seeking your nitwitted observations on why I ride this loud death-trap"
BUT, I merely say, "Yeah, it's a nice day."

I just don't think they get it and I don't care enough to clue them in to that little opinion of mine.

pboyfloyd said...

One out of two perchers is enough to comment, I think.

soubriquet said...

gutta percha?

Unknown said...

Dood, I can almost see your perch from here - the sun is going down.
And yes, perching is the best form of meditation without meditating.

Hehe Soub, I often wonder if they have a parachute in their backpacks - I could give a quick shove to see if my theory is correct!
I go and perch also to remind myself of just how beautiful my home county is. The wild, untamed coast which is a mile or so from my house, is my favourite place to be in all weathers.

Mobile perching, Mac, how cool (and Peaches is adorable).
I have a little fridge magnet that says "sometimes I just sits and thinks" - I think some people don't understand because they are too frightened to be alone with themselves!

That's okay Pboy, there are plenty enough of us!

Perchance on a sofa, Soub, or a rock or stump of a tree, but never, no never ever, in the gutta!

Yodood said...

Minx, It has been my recent sad discovery that the reason some people cannot be alone is that they have never discovered the self that generates the reputation they take themselves to be. In this way, being alone is tantamount to non existence. How scary, how culturally retarded.

Unknown said...

Yodood, our society is geared towards humans always being in groups. When did you last see one seat in a restaurant or not have to pay a supplement in a hotel room for single occupancy?
I found out a long time ago that, despite being a social creature, I actually quite like my own company. I am grateful to both, daily.

soubriquet said...

"I have a little fridge magnet that says "sometimes I just sits and thinks""

..."And sometimes I just sits...."

Unknown said...

I wish life would allow me more 'sits', Soub.

Unknown said...

In the pub,Minx dear!

Unknown said...

Of course, John G, where else?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Mine is in front of my computer looking at YOUR perch; as yours is quite lovely.

Good spot, Miss Minx.

I sometimes perch on top of a favorite mountain in the Rocky Mountain range; it's quite breathtaking.

Thanks for the view.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Post up some pics, Scarlett, love to see where you does yer thinking.

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