Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dear Madam,

further to our conversation about my abject misery last summer I am just writing to ask you if the signs that I see all around me are in fact just another one of your little jokes (last year you thought it funny that I had purchased seventeen new t-shirts and never got to wear any of them without a fur coat/wooley hat/gloves/wellies over the top) but it seems to me that spring might be underway.

I am not usually given to dumping a load of flowery type pictures on my blog (there are far more shoes in my wardrobe that probably deserve it more) but I just wanted to display the promise you have shown.I know that thunderstorms and gale force winds, hail, snow and bitter cold are probably more entertaining for you but would you please take into consideration that humans are marginally less miserable when the weather is good.

In essence, madam, I am putting in a request for one of our usual Cornish summers and not the miserable effort you gave us last year as it is very hard to look stylish in a pair of muddy wellies.


pee ess - I am enclosing an invoice for the t-shirts.

(All photos were taken at near Mawnan on the Helford Passage, Cornwall, and no plants were harmed in the making of this blog post.)


Unknown said...

Ooh, signs of spring, whispers of summer. Come on, Minx, please convince the good madam to do her job thoroughly this year - I really don't want to have to pack me winter woollies for a "summer" trip to the UK!
Luffly piccies!

leslie said...

I am anxious to hear her reply!

Love this: "...humans are marginally less miserable when the weather is good."

The tree looks like a mastodon.
Don't you just love primrose?

Unknown said...

Vanilli, Madam is playing with us at the the moment. One day it is all lovely and springy and the next we are plunged into arctic conditions again. I will put some extra effort into praying for some sun when you arrive (jeez, Queen Vanilli!).

It is true, Leslie, humans can be nearly happy when the sun is out (all right, exaggerating again).
That tree fascinated me and yes, I love primroses - I have pots of them dotted around the house. Soon be time for bluebells - whoop whoop!

Roberta said...

Great pictures Minx! This past Sunday we had a cookout in 80 degree weather. It snowed Monday night. Please ask Madam to be more consistant. (I'm not speaking to her)

I love that tree. What kind is it?

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

hahaha, Minx! Have never been to Cornall but it seems everyone's complaining except those below the tropic of cancer! :))

That is a tree right out of Sleepy Hollow! Awesome! Could it be a
crandly? v-word. Yes, it looks like a crandly! ;)

Unknown said...

I think Madam may be going through the menopause, Roberta, we are also suffering t-shirts one day and thermal undies the next!
I haven't got a clue what the snakey limbed tree is - good though, isn't it?

What the fuck is a crandly, Petra? I'll go with it because it sounds about right but I don't think either of us could be classed as tree experts!!

red dirt girl said...

oh yes,

i'll include my invoice for comfortable tee's as well!! three weeks in Yorkshire - ONE SUNNY DAY - where I was able to remove my RAIN coat for an hour !! I've learned to shop the late-winter sales here for those ingish trips. Of course I appear dourly dark on all my visits. But I tend towards cold and I love HOT!! I wore shorts once and severly regretted it - even with the warm hands of my lover attempting to thaw out my limbs -


Debi said...

Ah but we are planning a possible trip to Italy this summer, which means Cornwall will be utterly glorious ...

Whereas Italy ... hmm, what was that about earthquakes?

bulletholes said...

That looks like a kissin' tree to me. Good for smoochin' under, and you can hang your tee on one of the branches...yes thats it, very nice.
Heres to warm hands!

Anonymous said...

It has been baking hot here all day in the low 20s - I have no idea what you are complaining about...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


That's so loverly!
Spring has sprung, all over there, I was glad to see.
Paris was absolutely divine, Scotland was beautiful but friggin cold and windy as hell, but we had a great time!

Wished you were just a bit closer to Edinburgh. I'd have stopped in with Chocolate and Gin for you.

Happy Spring!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Check out The Madam's idea of funny on my side of the pond.

Pleeze Madam pleeze hear listen to Minx.

Word Verification
slizedne v. what you do to the base after sipping slivovitz on 3rd

Unknown said...

There is a saying here, Red, "Nay cast a clout 'til May is out" - it means don't take yer clothes off until June 1st or else dreadful things will happen to you!

Debi, of course Cornwall is going to be glorious if you are deserting and going to foreign lands. Eeek! When are you coming to play on the beach????

I vote for warm hands and warm hearts, Bullets!The tree was a bit public for anything more than a very prim kiss!

You live at the other end of the country, Muts, and have a completely different weather system - most of the time we give you the weather we don't want! Look out today, there is torrential rain on the way!

That is Scotland's natural state, Scarlett, the only thing that changes is the abundance of biting insects in late summer.

I am hoping all these signs lead to a nice hot summer, HI, it can't be like last year because we nearly drowned.

fatboysblogg said...

Is the tree down Tiddly woods?We have quite a few Bluebells out.

Jon M said...

The sun'll come out tomorrow...

Unknown said...

The weirdy tree is at Carwinion, near Mawnan Smith, FB. I'm off to feed the ducks at Tehidy Woods today with the gang from work and we are hoping for a blue carpeted wood!

It won't if you sing that awful song, Jon - eeeeeeeeek! Now look what you've done, all I can see is small ginger girls with whiney voices!

Pants said...

Hello Minxie!

I'now in coastal Victoria (Aust). I do miss the European spring. Love the photos.



Unknown said...

Thanks, Pants, I think we do spring quite well here. Cornwall thinks it is already summer though. Yesterday we were basking (burning) in a minor heatwave which meant we could dispense with the thermal undies for a couple of hours!