Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walking canvas

I can almost hear my parents turning over in their graves sighing - "oh jeezus, not another one".

I am resisting the urge to smirk, teenagelike and trying to remember that I am in my forties and should know better. It isn't working.

Whoop, whoop! I have just added to my modest catalogue of bodyart with, again, a self designed tat.

It is still a little scaley, flaking healthily to reveal the brand new branding underneath. I love it just as much as I love my other small works of skin art.

This is the first tattoo that I've had that I can't really cover up, especially in summer. My other ones range from mildly hidden to completely hidden in everyday life.
I have never had any wish to become a tattooed lady, full body art, sleeves, cuffs etc have never appealed to me and I have always been a little concious of not losing a job or upsetting my boss at work who sometimes glances pointedly at my nose piercing (very ouch). I have enough to satisfy the alternative me but not enough to frighten small children.

In case any of you are remotely interested here are some FAQ's...

Does it hurt?
Yes, like fuck, but after the initial sting you kind of get to like it! He said I would scream like a banshee when he got to my big toe - I didn't (women are so much better at pain) but I did wince after when I stubbed my toe getting off the chair.

How long does it take?
The whole thing took an hour from prep to the last needle hole (I should say five needle holes because the shading tool has seven darling little needles).

Is it painful afterwards?
Not really, just a bit like sunburn. I use a gel designed for piles (an ancient remedy and completely un-official) and it helps combat the drive-you-nuts itching you get as it heals (do NOT pick).

How long does it take before it settles in?
About a month to six weeks. You endure the scabby, flaking and then you are left with a raised design - this goes down completely in about six months.

Are tattoos addictive?
Totally. As soon as one is finished I want another!

Do I have any regrets?
None at all. I love my bodyart. They are with you for life so being branded with someone's name has never appealed. I thought long and hard about each one and planned them down to the finest detail.

My only advice to anyone would be - express yourself if you are absolutely sure it is you that you are expressing!


Helen + ilana = Hi said...

One should never let one's 17 year old self choose the design you will carry for life............

ask me how I know?

Poodusne: Word verification. A poodle x'd with David Duchovney?

L.M.Noonan said...

yes...maturity should be a mandatory requirement. All the males in my family above a certain age have a tatt or two. Me...well, let's just say i would hate to give interpol the edge. What dainty feet you have Minxy.

Unknown said...

Oh go on, HI, let us know what you have stamped on yer bod!

Heh, heh, Noony. Guess we both have 'kiss my ass' in a certain place then!

Unknown said...

It's lovely - really dainty & I wouldn't cover it up :)

It'll be heeled (ouch) just in time for the weather, which we we will hopefully get this year!

red dirt girl said...

You go girl - that one is completely GORGEOUS. Sigh, I've yet to add a celebratory body art to my body - though I've talked about it plenty enough! My last desire was to have a pretty vine like yours wrapping around a toe like a ring - with a small rose on top ... it's the pain factor I have trouble dealing with - I'm stashing Rx painkillers for the day I have the courage to DO it.

(it doesn't help to have a lover who is quite dismissive about tattoos - unless they happen to grace a young beautiful girl ...!)

So talk to me about fading? If i go to all the trouble and pain - i want the darn thing to go to the grave with me!


Unknown said...

I am leaving little bits of me all over the place, Babs, so yes, I am heeling. Sun? What is this thing you talk about?

Red, the skin on your palms and bottom of your feet renews much more than anywhere else so the underside of your toe would fade (listen to me - the tat expert!). It is said that boney bits are more painful but it all stings!
Also painkillers don't work and it really isn't that bad. I have a large tribal butterfly at the base of my spine (2hrs) and when he finished I was almost sorry!

Jan said...

Good to see you back!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! And I think it will look stunning in summer sandals - assuming you have a summer this year - oh please tell me there'll be a summer - I'm coming to visit.

Word veri - fectioni - confectionary, chocolate or body art?!

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Minx! As I would never in a million years have the courage to do this I get lots of vicarious satisfaction from seeing you do it - and hearing about the details.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Ooooo la la, Minx! You know,
I wear ankle braclets and adorn other parts of my body with jewelry, so why I ask myself, haven't I gotten a tatto? Because I'd change my mind on the design as quick as the weather in March. "I should have gotten that one instead." And once it's on, it's on. I've seen some works of art, but just can't seem to get off the fence. I'll probably stay there with an engraving, "She just couldn't brave it!" ;)

Hoodie said...

I am nothing of a fetish-ist, but I must tell you-

you've got darling feet.

Unknown said...

Hello Jan, trying hard to be a good blogger again - I missed it!

Heh, was very particular in placing it where my flip flops didn't cover it, Vanilli. Let me know when you have landed!

And no pain either, Signs. Would rather have another tattoo than have my nose pierced again - tears to my little eyes!

Best thing to do if you're not sure, Petra. No good having a body full of regret.

Thanks, Hoodie. My feet are one of my better bits and subject to the sagging that is found in other areas!

Debi said...

So much prettier than my septic thumb which was lanced without anaesthetic.

There's good pain and then there's OWOWOWOWOWOW

Unknown said...

Look on the bright side, Debi, you don't need to hitch anywhere and it hasn't dropped off, yet. Sending anaesthetised kisses for your poorly bit.

Unknown said...

The only marks on me are the staple scars on the back of my neck! Oh, and the stitches in my head!

Unknown said...

I have my share of life marks, John G, they all go to make us the people we are. You should tell them to be more care with office equipment though - stapleguns can be lethal!

Hoodie said...

Minx - I have a new post you might be interested in.

Unknown said...

I am interested, Hoodie. It's about time I got me pen out again. Time is my only issue.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*THAT* is absolutely cool.

I am exceedingly proud of you.
You go girl.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore