Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News and stuff

For those of you who -
a) Couldn't be bothered
b) Gave all their loose change to that dodgy looking bloke selling DVD's for £1.99
c) Thought that witches went out with the last one burnt at the stake
d) or thought that Dorcas Fleming was just a figment of my imagination

well, here's an easy way to get hold of my words....


COVEN OF ONE is now at the the mercy of your mouse. Click it and see!

Coven of One is still selling steadily and if you would still like to purchase one in the old fashioned way and still enjoy having the real thing on your shelf then you can go here and buy a nice smelling, shiny new copy as well.

Opening Chapter Publishers

Go on, you know your are curious!!


Debi said...

Maybe the cover in your sidebar should be labeled 'me e book'.

Smashing words, Minxlet.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I am most definitely curious, Minx.
How do I go about ordering it?

wife in the north said...

I've read it and it's great. A real adventure, it taught me oodles of stuff I didn't know about witchery and I loved Dorcas. She's a character who stays with you long after you've finished reading the book.