Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An audience with the Pope

So, I stopped the clocks and got off my not-so-merry-go-round for a while. Did you miss me? No, probably not - you all have your own Popish meetings to attend and in the grand scheme of things mine was just a quick chat with his holiness.

He's like that, the Pope, I mean, he fitted me in between a couple of heads of state and the latest episode of Lost and offered some sound advice about engine tuning. He told me to ignore all the moaning emails and concentrate on getting my car back on the road. So I did.

My little car was knackered and had lost its sense of direction, it kept driving down one way streets the wrong way and parking in illegal places! His Popeness suggested the scrap yard but I found a wonderful car mechanic who cleaned up my oil spills and pleasantly tweaked my over-fandangled condooberaters until I was on the road again.

So remember....

If you have an audience with the Pope
and you're saving the world at eight
If he says he needs you,
he says he needs you,
everybody's going to have to wait!

And you did - thank you.


Bee said...

I'm not sure if I have the wit to break down all of these metaphors, but I'm glad you are back, Minxie.

bulletholes said...

So hows the ol' Vulvo runnin'?

Roberta said...

Gads. Now I have to write something. Glad you're back. I loved the music. I must look them up.

Off to find something whitty to say...

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Am so glad you're back, Minx! I did miss you! I'm not sure what the car is a metaphor for, but
(((Minx)))! And drive carefully!

soubriquet said...

Holey whack a moley! She lives, she speaks...

Stand down the helicopters, return the satellites to normal orbit...

What happened, Minx?
Abducted by aliens?
Held and interrogated by the inquisition? Trying for Guinness world record for "Longest Gin-Induced Stupor"?
Completed three-volume novel series?
Become Empress of Elsewhere?
Transported by bliss?

Welcome back.

"banthock" by the way.

Unknown said...

And she's back with her usual exuberance - oh you have been missed... but I'speck you were doing something pretty good, so it's okay that you left us abandoned by the wayside *sob*.... *sob*

We forgives you, we does... *grin*

Unknown said...

No need for a degree in wit, Bee, suffice to say that I am back in the driving seat and legal on the road!

Purring like a baby tiger, Steve!

Elbow have been around for a few years, Roberta, their brand of soft rock makes great driving music.

Cars are funny things, Petra, they let you down and get you into all sorts of trouble. I have found a good mechanic now - hopefully he'll keep me on the road.

Oh Soub, you are very astute, it was all of those things and more but never forget that the Empress of Elsewhere is also the Queen of Fucking Everything. My tiara just has a few new shiny diamonds in it.

Stop yer crying, Babs, you are making a mess of me upholstery!

Now hold on to yer hats you lot and let's see if we can break some speed limits....whoop whoop!

Beatrice V said...

So good to have your wit in print again Minx! And never mind the Pope, but take good of that car mechanic, though:)

Jon M said...

Yay You're back! Love that song by the way!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

You're *BACK*!!!!


It's good to have you back.
And yes, the Pope does take precedence.

Now don't go driving off into the sunset.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

Minx who? :)

Unknown said...

Yoo hoo, Beatrice! Hear you are also looking for a new car - I see a beautiful, silver, Audi TT convertible for you!

Elbow have been trying to break through for 15 years, Jon! Glad they made it.

No, Scarlett, I am around again. Blogging and writing still play a huge part in my life - I just had to have a break to make sure.

Oh, Leslie, you have a severe case of forgetiminxitis - have a spliff and then you'll remember who I am!

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Word Verification = ringl

as in

Ringl the bells, Flap the banners

The Minx is back

I fer 1 missed ya!

pundy said...

I thought there was rather a long gap between posts.

Glad you're back, a fine note of insanity in a world that takes itself too seriously.

Debi said...

Pope on a rope - I've only just spotted this.

Hi, honey! Kissy kissy hug hug ...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hugs kisses and gin, then.

Don't care why, just glad that you are back and well.

Scarlett & V.