Monday, August 18, 2008

Dearly beloved...and the rest of you as well

A post over at Bullets in the Mailbox reminded me of something that happened last week...

One of the children I work with was kneeling down in front of the window.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Praying for the rain to stop." she said.
"Good idea." I said, hoping that one small child's prayer would halt a whole summer of torrential rain.
I sat with her and added my own prayer for a giant hair dryer.
"Does it matter who I pray to?" she asked.
"Err, no, I don't suppose it does." I said, thinking that maybe Roger the window cleaner wouldn't be much help "Did you have someone in mind?"
"Well, no, not really" she said "but I wondered if I had worn God out because I keep asking him for a Nintendo DS."

After hiding a smile we went on to discuss prayers and like Bullets we came up with a few that were unsuitable for the occasion but it got me thinking about express praying. If prayers are small wishes then here are my five...

Dear Deity of Choice, please could you...
  • fix the leak in the bathroom
  • get rid of me overdraft
  • leave one biscuit
  • find all the lost socks
  • oh, and find a bit of love for me
Thank you.

Over to you....


Beatrice V said...

Hello minx, a nice reminder to see the world with the fresh eyes of a child, that is what we need more of. Now... let us pray:) Big hugs.
(What kind of work do you do with children, art?)
PS By the way the captcha word underneath this comment, would read something like "quick fix" -good omen?:) let's hope.

Jan said...

And I hope you get 'em all!!

Unknown said...

Kids do remind you of the more important things, Wordcrafter.
I work in a Children's Centre, I have 'fun' all day and actually, if truth be told, I'd like a long fix, thank you.

Thanks, Jan, praying hard.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at, "...wondered if I had worn God out...".

Oh, girlie, you are going to be smothered in love. Here it comes!

Oh, Great Spirit, here's my short list:
Let's give Barak a try, for Pete's sake.
No more cutting down trees, please.
Let me eat a pound of chocolate and not have it translate to seven pounds of pudge.
Keep the rich people rich, and make the poor people rich, too.
And find a bit of love for Minxy, please, would ya?

Suburbia said...

Mine have worn out God, the tooth fairy and father Christmas!
I hope you get all your wishes :)

Can't remember where I found you (damn amnesia!)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

hahaha, Minx. Not too much to ask for. May the Source be with you!
But loved your story. Felt the gentleness throughout!

Unknown said...

Can I have my old spinal chord back, but keep the compensation?lol!

bulletholes said...

Holy Ghost Batman!
We're gonna be all broke out in a rash of Prayer Groups and Bokononism if we don't watch out!
Thanx for the tippo Minxy...

Unknown said...

I'll say amen to that one, Leslie.

Hello, Suburbia. That tooth fairy is a cheating cow and not to be trusted - don't make any bargains with her!

May the sauce be with you as well, Petra M.

You know i would if I could, John G, but you are gorgeous as you are!

You're doing that funny Merkan slang thing again, Bullets, and I really don't want a rash all over me blog. I send you sensible, coherent prayers!!

Roberta said...

While your praying, would you please pray for my little dog that she survives the vicious attack she suffered this weekend?

Her name is Snappy (In case you need to point a needle somewhere).

Anonymous said...

One wish - for a key to the space time continuum so I could do this again this time tomorrow. xxx

Unknown said...

Hmm, I've obviously got this prayer thing all wrong - I keep saying thank you instead of asking for things. Perhaps I'd better change my approach!

Hope all your prayers come through!

bulletholes said...

Minx, are they still hanging us Yanks over there?
Bokononism (google it) is not so much slang as it is an obscure reference to a great american "awfur"...Kurt Vonnegut...have you blokes e'er heard of him?
Midwestern boy, I believe.
As for your socks, I have said a Prayer for them and you can expect them in the next 40 years after they finish wandering the desert.
I tossed in a Hail Mary for your knickers as well.
That ought to "wear Him out".
That lil girl is priceless.

Unknown said...

Love and light and lots of prayers to Snappy, Roberta - what happened?

Prayers and spells are wishes for good things for me and for you, Vanilli, mix it up!!

Oh yes, Bullets, we still hang Merkans regularly.
I read Cat's Cradle a while ago (yes, heard of Vonnegut and we even have electricity) but I was referring to yer spoken/written Merkan slang - your accent comes across in your writing. I was just having a gentle pop!
Thanks for Hailing Mary about me knickers - very thoughtful.

bulletholes said...

She-it! I reckon it do!

Anonymous said...

I would like a different life...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Children are light and love, are they not? How delightful she is.
And considerate, not wanting to wear Him out more.

Miss Minx, I will pray your prayer with you, I will toast your health with good wine and smooth port, and I will whisper your wishes into the wind, in hopes that whoever the wind takes them to will get the job done.

In the meantime, you got lotsa love here. I know it's not the same, but it is something.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

Dear Deity,

First it started out with a ticket or two - just coach. Nothing major. Next I found out that I had been upgraded to first class: wow - champagne and reclining faux leather seats - woohoo!

But next, bill collectors started phoning me: you owe us for that jet you bought. Jet I bought?? How in the heck did I .... Ohhhhhh.....right..... ummm....yeah, I think I remember that errr ... 'incident' vaguely.

Now, dear deity, I own not just one, but TWO fleets of jets to hell. Is there any way you could show me leniency and reduce my sentence to say .... half a fleet ??

It's not the heat I'm worried about - it's the teeth gnashing and groaning parts. I'm afraid I won't get enough sleep.


Oh. Sorry minxy. This post is about your prayers and not mine. So, I'm here to remind you, though we are not with you, 'physically', we are all with you, hearts to heart, sharing wee bits of love with you.

All those wee bits might add up to something big. In the meantime, I'm lighting some candles - for the both of us!


Unknown said...

Don't lose it (your writing/real accent), Bullets, it defines us, makes us real.

Then make it different, Muts, happiness lies in your own paws!

She is not always delightful, Scarlett, in fact she was in trouble yesterday for punching one of the boys!

No, no, RDG, this post is about praying in general - anything that takes yer fancy! I am praying that your airline goes into liquidation. Or maybe you could turn it to your advantage - Hell Tours Inc?

Unknown said...

Aw, that's such a great story about the we'an. Kids are great for saying it as it is.

What I would ask my deity of choice? Nothing that I couldn't change myself!

Unknown said...

Maybe prayers give us the strength, or conviction, to change some things, Babs

Debi said...

I'm going to shake a bottle of champagne and then say, 'Let us spray.'

Unknown said...

LOL, Debi :)

Anonymous said...

All this and not one mention of incantation...
and now I'm dripping with champagne.