Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You look tired.
I think you should treat yourself to a weekend away.
London would be good.
Around the end of February sounds about right for you.

I therefore prescribe a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon of storytelling, poetry and good music. Not only will you get to meet some gorgeous bloggers but you will also get to hear them doing their thing at...

Pipe and Slippers

This event will be especially good for your health and what more could you want? A theatre pub in south London, tea, beer and top entertainment from your own lovely bloggers....

John Ahearn and Barbara Smith

Barbara will be flying in from Ireland to read from 'Kairos' .
Dubbed the 'distinctive new voice of Irish poetry'. Barbara's style lets the 'ordinary and the fabulous sit side by side'.

John will be swimming over from America, reading and launching his fabulous new book -
'Pomes, Older and younger'.
John's first collection is an overwhelming delight from a craftsman of perfected simplicity.

So make a date to be in exactly this position on....

Sunday 24th February
3pm - 6pm
The Ivy House Pub
40 Stuart Road
SE15 3BE

(for more details click on Pipe and Slippers)

Oh, and me and The Alper will be there as well.

pee ess - and in the meantime you may want to check this out

The Pygmy Giant

where there is a small piece of my own thievery up (19th Jan)



Debi said...

How did you do that clever thing of getting the P&S logo up?

Countdown to 24/2 has begun ...

Unknown said...

I did the very clever thing of nicking the pic from their site!!

Now, would some clever sod tell me why half my post is HUGE!

Unknown said...

Good luck, and thanks for the invite, but alas.......

Debi said...

Oh I seeeeeee ....

Unknown said...

No, excuses John G, the Merkan and the Oirish one are coming from, well, Merka and Oireland. Get some new batteries and get yer ass down there!

Well, I don't, Debi, it is still huge!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Shee-eet! That is precisely the day and almost precisely the time that I too will be an addressing an audience, though not so poetically and in Kentish Town, North London, about how to produce and publish a book via print-on-demand and the internet.

So, very sorry that I will be unable to attend this lovely Irish-American bloggers knees-up. Will be in touch beforehand.

Anonymous said...

I am too large for John's carry on, so I won't be stowing away. Drat.
But if you listen very hard, that will be me making the unexplained noises and knocking things over...
I'll be there.
Please take lots of pictures

Unknown said...

Oh shame, Natalie, it would have been good to meet up again in excellent poetical circumstances!

My camera will be armed and ready, Leslie - so beware those of you who have confirmed!

Anonymous said...

You look tired.
I think you should treat yourself to a weekend away.
London would be good.
Around the end of February sounds about right for you.

Have you been spying on me again Ms Minx? Actually the day out sounds quite fun - I shall work out how I might get there. If it does not involve a hot air balloon it could be a goer...

Unknown said...

I iz in yer 'ead, Muts, and don't you forget it!

Don't be a chickenshit, climb aboard the charabanc and get thyself to London town.

Rita said...

It really sounds like great fun. But, since it's halfway around the world, I'll be there in spirit.

Why do you have that big gap in your blog? probably something in your html code. Try copying the whole post paste it on to a word pad document then cut that & slap it on to a new post. Sometimes that works wonders.

Rita said...

I highlighted that area. Thinking you might be fooling us with one of those hidden encryptions. You know where your print is the same color as the background? I found this:

Unknown said...

I do put a little full stopper in at the end of me posts, or anywhere else where I want a gap because old blogger used to have a mind of its own when publishing.
The little bugger is innocent! I have removed it, copied, pasted, re-decorated, checked the plumbing and all to no avail.

Taffiny said...

'tis too far away.

Sounds lovely though,

and you are right I look tired.

Cheese greeted me this morning with "Wow, look at your crows feet", to which I shrugged and said "I am old". He nodded, and pointed " look at those bags under your eyes!".
Like a cold water splashed in my face, start to day, but without any energy jolt.

I'm too tired to swim that far, plus that water has to be really really cold, not invigorating cold, but sink to the bottom and die cold. (wow, I'm cheery)

Jon M said...

Hmmmm now if I can dump the children somewhere... I might see if I can make that!

Unknown said...

Shut yer eyes and click yer heels three times, Taffiny - John and babs are going to!

Children are so hard to dump these days, Jon. There was a time when we could leave them with any Tom, Dick or Child Molester but now even Mary Poppins would need a registered managers award.
Besides, children know their rights now, and before you had the chance to dump the little blighters they would have called Childline, sued you for neglect and had you in therapy before you could say "My Goddess, John and Babs, what fantastic poets you are".