Sunday, January 20, 2008


As I very often have the attention span of a fly on speed I probably should have stopped blogging by now. I have certainly surprised myself - there is nothing else that I do in my life with any regularity but after 21 months I still check my blog first thing every morning.
Statistics say that there are now over 70 million blogs worldwide so why am I bothering?
Pigheadedness started me off. A writing tutor scoffed at starting a blog, saying that I would never get anywhere with my writing on the interweb (lady eat your socks!).
I gave myself 3 months, plunged myself into the anonymity of Minx and tentatively dipped my toe in.
At first there were very few visitors but after discovering the joys of a stat counter I realised that there were more than I thought. You come from all over the world, some of you have stayed and others have drifted off to pastures new. Some of you leave comments but there are others who slip in quietly every single day and just leave behind the trace of your ISP footprint.
Some of you are googling some very weird stuff and come up with my blog - these are from the last two days...

maxi minx sex
once upon a mattress
minx point catkin
why do gnats fly in a circle
inches hair gone
string vest on beach

Most of you are my lovely fellow bloggers and you're all mad, but who is madder?
You're here, and apparently so am I - blogging every few days, rattling on about nothing at all and telling you a load of old codswallop. Am I performing a service or just screaming into the void? Is it the decor, the ambiance, or the smell of freshly ground coffee that brings you back or are you just trying to avoid cleaning out the garage or doing the dishes (I am)?
Oh shit, maybe I should stop trying to analyse it.

Anyway, while you are here, my lovely visitor, pull up a comfy cushion, tell me all about your blogging habits and together we will blog in style until we lose interest and go off to do something more interesting!
.pee ess - To the person googling 'paper thingy for you ladies so you could pee like a bloke' - I think there are men in little white coats who can help you.


Jon M said...

Phwaaaar! Those socks and those heels...did it for me! Sorry. I think your blog is kool and has paved the writerly way for others of us!

Jon M said...

Oh my blogging don't want to know! Sometimes indifferent, sometimes obsessive, mainly check my friends out. How do you get the blogging stats thing?

Unknown said...

Socks and heels for the more discerning blogger, Jon.

And stats? You haven't got one? Two? More? Shame on yer blogging self.


From your Dashboard go to Help resources on the right hand side.
Click through...
Help centre
Add ons
Advanced use
Hit counters and stats

There are six types here, I use Site Meter and Statcounter. Statcounter picks up more (keeps a basic log of your last 500 visits) and I like the dinky little map you get, but Site meter is clearer.
It is then a simple process to follow instructions and then paste the url into your blog layout page. If I can do it anyone can!!

Debi said...

'Nothing else you do with any regularity'?

There are men in white coats who can help with that too ...

Pallav said...

We definitely need more monkeys...all these dead blogs floating around the blog sphere need a kick in the blog ass by a gigantic monkey.

as for the habits of blogging, I do it for the kicks :D there is no rush like a torrent of comments waiting for you in the morning when you check your mail.



P.S I'm stealing the monkey pic for my poetry blog, its a sign from god that this pic came in my sights :P

Anonymous said...

Minx,you can get paper cones for ladies to do there wet business into!It's like peeing into a funnel.Or you can get a shewee and do a proper job and write your name in the snow wot like us blokes do do.
P.s does lampshade Lizzy still work in Dotty p's?

Unknown said...

Takes one madwoman to recognise another, eh?

As for that paper thingy so that women can pee like blokes - here's the low down - 'cos I know you really wanted to know. It was invented by a South African female cop - who, unable to find a loo whilst on stakeout and sick of peeing on her pants, and getting a chill in her nether regions, invented a paper willy thing. I will not embarrass your gentle readers by explaining how it works. But let it not be said that she was uninventive - or desperate.

Now let me stop procrastinating in blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

I am particularly taken with the fact that the person wearing the socks with heels took the time to roll the tops of the socks down in a stylish, cuffed manner :)

Wait to see how your stat counter reacts to the word 'codswallop'.

We come for the abuse, Minx.

Taffiny said...

I will come back and comment later, odd pee thingy has invaded my mind so I can't think, must get rid of unpleansant imagery first.

Roberta said...

I can't remember how I found you, but visit every day to check see what's up. Like visiting an old friend.

Um. Not that you're old. I didn't mean that. It didn't come out the way I wanted it too. But visiting a friend.

Pee thing. Hmm.

Unknown said...

I am not a regular kind of woman, Debi, as well you know!

Steal away, Nothingman. I am amazed that your stats are not soaring through the roof - there are some choicy writings every day on your blog.

Eeeeuwwww, stop already, Monsoon!
Oh, and that was about 30 years ago, Lizzy of the Lamp is now fiddling figures for schools.

Hiya Miss Madness!
I am sure you have your fair share of whacky googlers, Vanilli.

They are exceptionally stylish, Leslie, I wear them out on a Saturday night!
Abuse? You know nothing, but that is probably a cause for another post. The way our abuse/humour translates across the pond is a constant source of fascination to me.

My google searchers often leave me like that, Taff (wanders off shaking head).

Funny how we find each other, Roberta. Links from links from links and following weird google searches.
I often think I should head my blog with
"Hello, welcome, prepare thyself!"

Jon M said...

wow I followed your instructions and it's rather fun...the stats thing I mean not being a lady and trying to pee in a cardoard thingy and stuff...oooeeerrr!

Unknown said...

Stats are fun, Jon, as well as plumping yer blogging ego a little. I adore the little map.

Please don't mention the cardboard thingy again, you have no idea how close to the truth it is. Age brings many presents!

Taffiny said...

pleasant. spelling was most horrid yesterday.

My blog was meant to function as a way, for my socially avoidant self, to meet writers, and other wannabe writers, in hopes of finding encouragement, inspiration, and also companionship in sharing the complaints and frustrations of writing (these I have found).

But I have also found that as I don't meet real live folks for coffee, or lunch. (take husband and son about with me though, and do talk to mom regularly), That it is nice to just communicate with other people (who I am not related to, and who are not asking me to make them dinner), whether it has anything to do with writing or not.

Unknown said...

It just goes to show, Taff, that bloggers are a lovely, lovely mixed bag of nuts.

S. Kearney said...

I blame you for this blogging pavlova, Minx. If you hadn't been one of the first few to comment on my blog, I probably would've slipped quietly away! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love blogging, and I love reading. I always ask myself why I'm so consistent with keeping up my posts....I have no idea why, I guess its just something a lot of people enjoy doing.

Your blog is interesting, deep, silly, entertaining, raw. If your intersted check my blog out at

I've been a fan of yours, but I'm not a big commenter, sorry!

Mellifluous Dark said...

I think I mostly blogged for myself when I started but now there is an element of not wanting to end the blog for the blog's sake, if that makes sense!

Some of the things people search for are very odd. I get lots of hits from people searching for Keira's green dress in Atonement...

Debi said...

I like the sound of blogging pavlova! Is it related to internet meringue?