Friday, January 25, 2008

In pockets

There is always the sweet you didn’t like,

covered in tissuey down.

A back door key from another house,

the button that let you down.


A Kirby pin that lost its grip.

The quietly perished elastic band,

a mobile number (God knows who)

and at least a thimble full of sand.


The once favoured lighter, flintless fool.

A screw of ebullient fluff,

the receipt for shoes you could not wear,

and other long lost pocketry stuff.


Rummage deep in a human pouch,

to seek that illicit, midnight smoke

finding the find that wouldn’t be found

and the things that lived in last year’s coat.



Roberta said...

Oh, this is lovely.

Hoodie said...

Wow, this is a treasure.

Really. I love it.

You are such a clever thing.

Unknown said...

Hmm, bit raw. Wrote it this morning at 3am when I was madly searching for cigarette papers!!

Anonymous said...

And what were you needing papers for at three in the morning?I still have a special shell and a baby pine cone from when my son was four years old I told him it was a baby Hedgehog so I had to look after it until it grew:-)

Anonymous said...

Just to add I liked your poem

Debi said...

Not raw at all. Loved it!

Unknown said...

There are often treasures to be found lurkin' in old pockets, M. My pockets, that is, not theirs. Boys pockets are full of unspeakable things! And thank you.

I wonder if your pocket contents sum up the person you are? Now, what would be in yours, Ms Alper?

Unknown said...

Fun - and lovely too!
Coat pockets and handbags are sooo revealing...

Unknown said...

Probably not as revealing as the contents of my handbag, Vanilli, but the less said about that the better. My latest portmanteau seems to be lacking a bottom!

Jan said...

"THe quietlt perished elastic band..." Berilliant!

Anonymous said...

I have some cigarette papers should you wish them.. they are rizla reds...

S. Kearney said...

You've been looking in my pockets, Minx! :-) Nicely done.

Unknown said...

Rubber bands do seem to die quietly, Jan. Not quite so much fun when they commit suicide in yer face though!

Isn't Rizla a lovely word, Muts? And yes, please send them down the intertube the next time I am in paperless trouble.

I DID NOT, Shameless, what an awful thing to say. I might look in your cupboards, or snoop in yer fridge and definitely have a gawp in yer booze cabinet, but I would not go through your pockets.
(Btw, how long have you been carrying that biscuit? Time to let go of it!)

Unknown said...

Nice coat Minx, the 'lady in red'!

Where did the lady go?

Anonymous said...

I like best the words "...ebullient fluff...".
Almost has flavor on the tongue when I say it...

Unknown said...

John G - she's running around the house looking for cigarette papers!

You eat fluff, Leslie? Do you want to talk about it?

Taffiny said...

I want sand in my pockets too!

hmm..I wonder if I should change my life 'round a bit, so as to get my pocket contents just as I feel I would like them best?

Anonymous said...
That's belly button lint that's tasty, not ebullient fluff.
No. Don't want to talk about that either.

Unknown said...

Oh no, Taff, it is the surprise of lost pocket contents that is such a delight.

Marshmallow fluff? Of course that's how my belly button fwuff tastes!!