Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smiling piggliness

I'll smile quietly if you stub yer toe and I'll smirk at a stupid picture. I will snort at a witty comment, and titter at a good joke but I laugh loud, long and messily at smart words and banter.

Can humour be boxed? Can we define what makes us fall off our chairs? What tickles my giggle spot might not tickle yours.
Humour does differ from culture to culture and the English humour, based mostly on 'taking the piss', sarcasm and irony, do not translate so well elsewhere. I have upset a few people!

For me there is nothing better than a dry sense of humour, real life observation delivered with a deadpan expression (Eddie Izzard and Dara O' Briain are my favs). Some would call it rudeness but it is often a throwaway comment from a friend that will leave me with tears of joy rolling down me leg.

The Gin Co-operative, my lifelong girls (see HERE or HERE) are experts. Our Saturday afternoon soirées leave me with ribs that feel as if they have been kicked by a donkey with lead hooves. They can turn a sensible conversation into half an hour of being unable to utter a word because your lungs don't work anymore.
What a great feeling and so good for the soul.

If the picture above does not tempt the corners of your mouth up then pass on to another blog. If you are smiling then please share and drop a smirk in me box!



Roberta said...


Unknown said...

Thank you, Roberta, accepted and returned!

Debi said...

Tears of joy running down your leg? Having trouble with the old pelvic floor, dear?

Unknown said...

I've been wondering where me ol' mum's falsies got to.

Tell the pig to unhand them, please.

Unknown said...

Less of the 'old', Debi, if you insult it too much it might just drop out all together!

Absolutely not, Absolute. It makes me chuckle every time I look at it. Give yer mum some soup.

Jon M said...

I like a good larf as much as the next chap! I can't believe you have ever opffended anyone in your balmeless life, Minx!
Humour does differ, you're right. I know I'm funny but my children just don't agree.

Unknown said...

Yay, you're right, Jon, I never offend anyone, ever, heh!

And your children will grow into your humour, either that or they will be booking your place in a home for next year.

Anonymous said...

How could help but smile at that pig?

Taffiny said...

Had to smile at the pig.

My husband only thinks I am funny when I am being very serious.

My son and I, do find each other funny, but that is an odd bit of crazy road we walk down together.

Sounds lovely Minx. I haven't laughed till my sides hurt, or till I fell on the floor in a long time.

Karen said...

That definitely raised a titter.
Like looking in a mirror...

S. Kearney said...

Excellent photo ... I think all pigs should get false teeth. :-)

Unknown said...

You would have to be dead not to, Kat!

Laughing til you pee yer pants should be practiced at least once a week, Taff. Good for the soul if not for yer drawers!

Hardly, Karen, but the pig is endowed with good gnashers.

Don't you think they're his own, Seamus?

Anonymous said...

C:\Documents and Settings\Leslie\My Documents\My Pictures\binkies.jpg

Unknown said...

Leslie, Blogger don't work like Wordpress - you can't put pics in comments. Can you mail it?