Thursday, January 17, 2008

Because it's my birthday

Yes, it's that time of yearly pause and reflection where we calculate the numbers, have a gawp at the latest addition to our faces and move on swiftly before anyone actually asks us exactly which century we were born in.

I loves me birthday. Never one to shy away from a celebration I am happy to acknowledge 45 years earthside and eat all the cake before anyone else gets their hands on it. I wasn't always caught at my best....

(I was a bit of a miserable witch when I was young
- not surprising with those lardy thighs!)

(Hanging on to those sturdy thighs in '66, and about to clump me
sister for wearing a lampshade on her head.)

(Looking older in 2008? No, just more gormless!)

Congratulations for surviving this long and presents of great worth will be gratefully received in me comments box.

pee ess - please stop 'poking' me on Facebook - I am too old to be poked now!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Madame Minx. May the moon shine upon as you dance about sans your knickers under the midnight sky. May the fairies heap blessings upon your head and the Cornish pixies stay away from your chocolate (assuming the little buggers know what's best for them). Have a great day and a fantabulous year!

Roberta said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Minx. On my facebook it says your birthday is on the 17th. Here in the states it's still the 16th so I'll have to send you two cards! ;)

Many happy returns and eat all of the cake!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Minx!! Only a year and 2 weeks
younger than me!! xx

Yodood said...

Gotta say, Minxy, you're never too old to floor me with new words — gormless? I tracked down "lacking intelligence" Certainly you don't think of yourself so! Wit is the voice of wisdom. Now that I think upon it, wisdom and intelligence (the keeping track of the facts of civilization) do seem to part ways at a certain stage of the relaxation into wisdom. Happy anyversary and as many again on ye.

S. Kearney said...

Many happy returns, Minx. You are loverrrrrrly in all the photos! :-) Enjoy the cakes and chocs, on your own. Climb up into the tree hut and don't let no bugger in! lol

Unknown said...

Why, Aty, you know it isn't a sabbat - I shall be keeping me knickers on - it's bloody freezing!

It is tomorrow, Roberta, I post-dated because I shall be birthdaying!

Numbers don't mean nuffink, John G, tis laughing that keeps you young! Now, tell me another joke.

Ah, well, G&G, my favourite expression for a person lacking brain cells is a 'cakey dinlo' but I thought that was probably off the Merkan vocab menu.

Hmm, thunder thighs and no shoes - disgraceful, but thanks, Seamus. Have some cake.

Anonymous said...

Yer a plenty good lookin' witch!
Very Merry Birthday.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Leslie, (blushing) - what did you get me?

Anonymous said...

Happy Burpday Kate,is that Elizabeth in the photo?

Hoodie said...

Happy Birthday!

Mind if I have some cake in your honor?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you get the exotic purple leather, rhinestone studded, thigh high, pointy boots with matching handbag that I sent from Milan??
And the Chocolate???
You didn't?????

Admin said...

happy birthday! and i love your braids.

Pallav said...

Hey Happy Burrrrrthday!!

you got cool hair :D

have a good year ahead :)


Unknown said...

Yay, Monsoon, tis Lizzy of the Lampshade, my big sister. She grew up quite gorgeous - eventually!

Help yourself,Hoodie. Have a piece of one of these....

I am wearing them, Leslie, they match me best cloak!

Do you think I am too old for plaits (braids), Vesp? I worry sometimes.

My hair is not cool, Nothingman, it has a mind of its own that never agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you Ms Minx.. you are looking particularly foxy in yer snap. Have a lot of great parties!!

Taffiny said...

Happy Birthday Minx!!

Gorgeous photos all.

Your baby thighs, look just like, baby thighs. (just right)

Oh, your boys let you go out and about with braids/plaits? I get such a talking to when I try, but I admit they look much better on you. Why do they look so good on you, anyway? Some sort of witchy spell?

What kind of cake?

I am quite certain that your husband will be disappointed to find your knickers will be staying on for your birthday.

The Quoibler said...

You gorgeous goddess! Happy birthday, Minxy-baby.

(I was hoping we'd see a pic of your thighs now...?)



Debi said...

You have more gorm than almost anyone else I know, dear Minxlet.

You know what happens post 45, don't you? You need to pluck your eyebrows less (just as well as you're too longsighted by then anyway and it's a bugger to do wearing glasses).

The bad news it's cos the hairs migrate south and set up camp on your chinny chin chin ...

Happy mirthday. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy again. xxx

Unknown said...

Thank you, Muts, I shall indeed be partying after I have stuffed my face with a a takeout from the Multi-Balti.

Yes, Taff, I have decided to grow up today and purchase some underwear.
I wear plaits a lot but what do you mean 'your boys let you...'? - I am 45, who exactly is going to stop me?

My thighs are on holiday, Q, somewhere in Outer Mongolia, and are not fit for public consumption anyway!

It is not only my chinny chin chin that I'm worried about, Debi. Hair has started appearing in very weird places. I expect it is to keep me warm in winter and I will moult naturally in spring!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Marie.

UPDATE - pop over to The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heel (link in me sidebar), Tollop23 has found me a very special cake!!!!

Unknown said...

Minx, fellow-Capricorn, you look absolutely fabulous.

On the 16th, I received a birthday card from my older brother. On the outside of the card was a huge birthday cake with a zillion candles. When I opened the card, I heard Johnny Cash singing loudly: "She fell into a burning ring of fire."

Too funny!

The younger brother sent a card that read: "There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to determine who she is going to be." Open the card: "I see you have chosen YOUNG and FABULOUS!"

I see you have, too!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthing Day back, Lynne. I would choose young and fabulous over old and miserable any day. Aren't we just gorgeous?

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday Minx. You look fab.