Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The turkey holiday season is officially over

Bush has pardoned two innocent creatures and the rest are to be roasted today. Happy Thanksgiving, America.

Telling times

Money earned
Fingers burned
Nothing learned
Thank you

System bucked
Weather fucked
Duty shucked
Thank you

Sexless lust
Uncounted cost
Human rust
Thank you

Mother aches
Earth breaks
Eyes wake
Too little, too late?

Time will tell.

* * *

Leslie Hawes is the first entry for me Fairy Tale Nonsense. Find her poem and beautiful illustration, Capricious Dragon over on Little Minx.

H is a writer and poet from my neck of the Pointy Bit - please go and say hello to his barely hatched blog HERE at The Thinnest Man.



S. Kearney said...

Haha ... love the pic ... and verse hits us between the eyes! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Seamus. Looks like its just you and me - the rest are eating, well, turkey, I suppose. Guess we won't see them until they have finished saying thank you.

Unknown said...

Minx, I do wish you wouldn't cut your head off in your photos!

*yikes, i'm off*

Unknown said...

Gonna smack yer ass when I catch you, John G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Minx,
I have never been able to handle a plucked chicken or turkey without imagining it in need of a vacation tan! Thanks for the good laugh!

Thanx for the linx, Minx.

Unknown said...

I have never been good at handling dead meat, Leslie, regardless of whether I imagine them somewhere nice or not! Good job we don't have to deal with them from scratch - I would be a hopeless plucker.

Saaleha said...

brilliant pic. I needed the laugh. And the verse, well, what to say? I laughed?

Anonymous said...
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