Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Minx takes tea with Mr Pundy (a book review of sorts)

Minx - Ah, Mr Bill, come in, sit down. No not there, that's ....

Pundy - Gosh, there's a lot of pointy things around here.

M - (hmm, and you will have a pointy ear if you sit on my best hat again) Now, Pund, I asked you round to tea...

P - Tea? Is that tea? Are you sure?

M - For the love of the Goddess, Pund, sit down and drink. Green is as good a colour for tea as any. Now, about the book.

P - Err, yes. What did you think?

M - I think I probably hate Nick Dowty and would cheerfully dig out his eyes with blunt spoons and use them as olives in a gin sling.

P- So you didn't like it.

M - The man is awful, unforgivable. He makes having sex with Hannibal Lecter seem like the soft option.

P- Nice boots.

M - Thanks, but don't get me off the subject. What was I saying?

P - How much you don't like my book.

M - But he's ghastly, no redeeming features at all. I found myself shouting at the wall, thumping pillows.

P - No hope then.

M - No, no hope at all. You painted a creature I could happily castrate and feed his balls to the pigs.

P - I couldn't change your mind, I suppose? Money? Gifts of extreme value? A house in Bali?

M - Goddess no! He's a bad un. A horror.

P - Ohhh.

M - Pund? What's the matter? Here have a tissue.

P - (Sniff) You hated the book.

M - What? Did I say that? No, I don't hate the book, far from it. I hate him. Nick Dowty. He must be well written to provoke such a reaction in me - the bastard.

P - You liked it?

M - Of course I did, you silly twat. Good writing, tidy plot, disagreeable characters, nasty little twisty end - what more can I say except to recommend it to others to read? Now dry your eyes and have one of me cakes.

P - Thank you. Mmm, hemlock and pea, my favourite.

M - Err, Pund, just tell me, who exactly did you you base Nick Dowty on?

To find out just how obnoxious Nick Dowty really is go HERE and order a copy for yourselves.



pundy said...

You might have warned me!! I'm as pink as a beetroot.

Thanks - I think - need to sit down for a bit. Pass me a drink. No, not tea, something a little stronger.

Unknown said...

Oh please, beetroot doesn't suit you. And think yerself lucky - as a pic for the post I nearly got the Carver to stick yer head on the body of Ena Sharples, or Les Dawson in drag! Goddess I'm so nice, I surprise myself sometimes.

The book is great, Bill. Be proud.

Roberta said...

I'm having a clairvoiyant moment....I see in my future more bookshelves!

S. Kearney said...

Wonderful review, Minx! What a cool way to do it.

Debi said...

This is how all reviews should be ...

Tea, tears and sharp sticks - but with a happy ending.

Unknown said...

Yep, reviews could be a lot more interesting than they are (except mine, of course, which are nearly perfect in every way!).

Having said that reviews can be tricky - words like 'good' or 'liked' often seem a little bland. Hope I got over that, Pund, - more tea?

Taffiny said...

very good review indeed, very rare for a review to be a good read in and of itself.

I must admit however much caution on my part when it comes to making the acquaintance of a character, who I shall want to castrate and feed um..his parts to the pigs. But that is just me, I am a sissy and don't watch those Hannibal movies, and well written books are always much worse than any movie, they get much deeper under the skin.

Might Mr. Pundy be working on a second book, with the subject matter of happy bunnies drinking raspberry tea? Oh they really get into a jam when they run out of jam.

pundy said...

I got that all right, Minx. Even though I am biased it was a good, honest, clever and entertaining review. Better than the book probably.

In answer to the previous comment from Taffiny I could always write a pot boiler if that would make her more comfortable. It's what I'd put in the pot which might be a problem. Might turn into a "b***y boiler".

Taffiny said...

Oh, be good Mr. Pundy.
Or I shall be forced to go on about..
the pickle they were in over having no pickles,
you can't imagine how they relish their relish.
Sadly they were forced to get stuffed on stuffing instead.
I can only imagine, you think they would do very nicely stuffed with stuffing in your pot boiler.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

You actually have lots of amazing interviews on your blog. You must know a lot of people!