Saturday, November 17, 2007


Eighteen months ago, in my blogging childhood, I came across a poet who could light fires in the soul. The clever simplicity of his condensed words were enough to give me hope that traditional poetry was not only still around but was alive and very definitely kicking.

Last January he was, err, 'persuaded' to start a blog and has built up a steady following of readers.
Now, I am delighted to say that this wicked wielder of words, a man with a sharp brain and an even sharper tongue is about to be published.

Soon, very soon, John Ahearn is to be unleashed upon the world.....


Published by Derec Jones at Opening Chapter, this book will be an absolute 'must have' for anyone and everyone. I know this for certain because I am having a tiny part in bringing it to fruition - and what a fruit it will be!



Debi said...

And ah!
And mmmm!

Kay Cooke said...

All the best to everyone involved. Hope it's a rave.

Diane Dehler said...

Hi, I found you via the party rdg had for Grit in the Gears.

It isn't everyone who can be a muse.

Unknown said...

You will run out of expletives in a minute, Debi!

It will be that, CB.

Hello, Princess. This guy was blessed with a very industrious muse.

S. Kearney said...

Fantastic news! :-)

Unknown said...

It is not often that I get excited in public, Shameless, but I am.
Now all we need is for you to get yerself published as well!

Unknown said...

And mmm from me too.

Jon M said...

V. Good! Looks interesting and at last someone has spelled pomes rite!
PS I gave you another roar, I know you've got several already but, I just had to! :-)

Unknown said...

Oh Goddess, not you as well, Cailleach, - is it catching? Ohhhhhh!

John is a excerlent speeler jon and his grammer is well gud as well. He knows how to spell wirds and everything, and make them rhyme proper like, or not. And if he don't then he has speshall peeple to make them awight.

S. Kearney said...

What a sweet thought, Minx! Thank you. One day oneday. I will probably do it myself if nothing moves! :-)

Anonymous said...

The interview with John, over at The Opening Chapter,
is just the best. Interviews are difficult, and he wordcarved this one with the same craft as his poetry.
Super job, John!