Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creative juice

I really am trying to be a good awfur type. Over the last few weeks I have 'guest spotting' at various writerly things and trying to convince the local population that writing really is a serious business.

The ones I enjoyed most were class-napping two creative writing courses (apart from a recent signing - thank you 'Tranquility').

I looked around the table at both these events and smiled inside. I was sat on the other side a few years ago, listening to the trials and tribulations of a script writer. As I talked to the class I realised that I was now imparting the same doom and gloom that he had - hard, lonely work with about a 1% chance of ever getting published. The pitfalls, the rejections, the fight to keep going, the fight to write anything in the first place, all tripped glibly off my tongue and it seems I failed to put them off at all!

I studied the faces, listened to their voices and answered their questions as best I could. For some it wouldn't matter how thick I spread the jam of doom and for one or two, the creative juice ran deep in their blood. They had fire in their eyes and nothing I could have said would have made them hesitate for a second. They had passion and that all important need to communicate to the world with words.

I think I was the same, that same need to keep bashing my head against the nail infested wall. A mere writer who was telling me that I should celebrate my rejections and embrace the loneliness was never going to stop me doing something that I loved (read obsessed here).

I raise a glass to those who are starting out, drink deep of that creative juice, bitter as it may be at the beginning, the fine wine that awaits is all the sweeter.

pee ess - just had a look in the mirror. I can't see the fire but I suppose it could be hiding behind those two bloodshot eyes.



Wanderlust Scarlett said...

First, Madame Minx, the mirror only shows you what's on the outside, not the true grit writ on the inside.

So have a catnap and some vino and chocolate and you will be 100%.

Second, that was an excellent post, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it as I can appreciate it (being on this side... as I am).

And you are an inspiration.

Scarlett & V.

Vesper said...

Oh, Minx, here's raising a virtual glass to you. A beautiful heartfelt post for all of us who are on the "wrong" side of the fence (for now!). Thank you!

I might've heard you didn't like memes, but I tagged you for Seven Random Things. Don't kill me! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the cake and being a good sport .... now time for me to get back to cleaning up the blog ...


Unknown said...

Oh Goddess, Scarlett, I am glad we do not have internal mirror's. I am not sure I would like to see all that icky mess!

Vesper, for fear of being rude (that's never stopped me before), no one, no one at all, is on the 'wrong side of the fence' - ever.
One book published doesn't stop the passion, or the need to become better at what we do. Now I'm going to kill you...

You have to clean when you have made a mess? Oh, no one told me. Can I just finish this chapter first?

Debi said...

Bloodshot eyes? Maybe from a squirt of that orange juice ...

Wonderful to hear you're being so actively awfurly in Real Life, m'dear.

Unknown said...

Is it real, Debi? Is it?

Saaleha said...

welll awfur friend mine. many thanks for the words of wisdom. there are moments, when the fire dies down a little, that I begin to wonder whether I am simply a glutton for punishment...

Vesper said...

It certainly doesn't stop the passion, but I believe it much strengthens your wings. For instance, that "write without fear" that you were mentioning in a previous post...
The desire to become better at what you do is an intrinsic quality - if you really have it you won't loose it once you're published.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I do believe you'd surprise yourself, if you took a good long look inside. You're a good lady.

It's distorted though, I think, when we try to see ourselves, we can't ever get just the right perspective, kind of like trying to see your butt in the mirror... can't ever really see just how it truly looks.

bad analogy, sorry 'bout that!

Scarlett & V.

Roberta said...

How I would love to be across the table from you. I would be most inspired, I think.

P.S. Just checked. Eyeballs are clear. Ears are ringing, but eyeballs are clear.

Pallav said...

that picture can inspires volumes of poetry :D

and don't trust the mirror ;)


Jan said...

Great posting, Minx.
I am just off to read it again but wanted to say thanks for your honesty.
I am sure your fire is as bright as ever.
Long may it warm everyone!

Unknown said...

Saaleha, when the fire dies down a little it means time for a rest, a switch to something else, or simply that the piece you're working on ain't getting anywhere.

I try not to think about it too much, Vesper. I just write.

Thank you, Roberta, but I feel we would be sharing a laugh and a gin!

So get to it, Nothingman. I don't trust the mirror - it has wrinkles on it.

Being comfortable with passion is essential, Jan. I have no fear about my writing because it always feels like it is right for me - what else could I do?

Taffiny said...

No thoughts in my head at present.
So I can't comment
but I am here, reading your words
taking them in as it were

S. Kearney said...

Like sex, Minx! Everyone in our childhood tries to teach us, tell us, show us that it's bad and unholy ... it never stopped us! :-)