Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Phoctober, and being nice

Maht over at Moon Topples has a few interesting things going on.

His project of the month - Phoctober (sounds vaguely rude, if you're me) sort of captured my eye because I am usually one of those people who tends to forget the camera on those very important occasions. So, although I can't promise a photo a day, I have dutifully put my camera in my bag and will try to remember to take it out a few times this month.

So, here is my first Phoctober pic, taken this afternoon about a mile from my house.
It is Treslothan Church (1841) - tucked away in the middle of a dense wood, peaceful and calm. I like it because it is really a higgedly-piggedly mess of a church that doesn't seem to follow any churchy rules. The graveyard is also a constant source of fabulous names (Loveday Shycock, Garfield Grutt and Polly Penrose who was 'only six when the angls took her' - yes it does say that).
* * *

Right, better put your hot drinks down for this one - Moon Topples has also kindly awarded me a NICE thingy. Here it is in all its niceness.

Apparently he thinks I'm nice (he has much to learn) but he does say...

"Minx is nice in the way that I am nice, I suspect: she still bites when provoked. Once befriended or bribed, however, she is an excellent person (for a Limey)."

A true compliment in my particular un-nice book.
Nice is a funny word, isn't it. It is not a word that I use very much when I'm writing, I think it can be mis-used, often over-used and can be heavily doused in sarcasm. Mostly too inane to employ when you really want to get deep down and dirty as to how you feel about something but sort of summing up a general kind of warmy, cuddly nicely niceness.

So, forgive me, I thank Maht for this award, it is very nice, but you are all too wicked to receive it.
I shall keep it for myself unless you can convince me that you are just plain - nice!

pee ess - you can nick this one if you want it, Jon M


Unknown said...

Nice wot bites is the best kind of nice - it's real nice, not mushy nice and let's face it, Minx, no one could ever call you mushy nice - spicy, but not mushy.

I love the shot of the church - I feel sure there are ghosties flitting about and waiting for a chat.

Anonymous said...

Excellent church and excellent names - people have such dull names these days in comparison. Nice seems an insipid thing to be until some one says 'not nice' - now what would that mean?

Debi said...

Mutley - I would wish to be the epitome of 'not nice' but unfortunately am stuck on being nice enough to really irritate myself at times ...

Minx - 'nice' doesn't even come close in describing you. Not even in the same continent. (Though I'm not implying you're incontinent.)

Mu Tai Dong said...

The church echoes hollowly for me since the writings of the Jesus struck it. How then grabbed us?

Unknown said...

Mushy? I've had my moments.

The church is a beaut, but the surrounding woods are very eerie at dusk.

I dunno Debi, you have your moments as well!

Indeed Mu Tai. Is 'grabbed' the word you are looking for? Do you think 'nice' is more appropriate. There again, who am I to question your English?

Roberta said...

Congrats on the award, Minx.

Here in the south we have a saying. It is said openly and with a very sweet smile. The "dense" think we mean it.

"Bless your little heart." is much "Nicer" than what we are thinking. ;)

The Moon Topples said...

Thanks for playing along, both from the Phoctoberly and the "nice" standpoints.

I do really like that shot you've provided, and that you seem to have doctored it to make it olde timey.

Jan said...

Churchyards provide great names and potted histories of a family sometimes although I dont think "potted" quite the right word but am supposed to be cooking so it will have to do..

Anonymous said...

Nice is a bland word, the oatmeal of our vocabulary. That church is fabulous.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, Roberta, on the nose. Sort of something that you have got to hear, and there must be a hundred different inflections for the word 'nice'.

Doctored what, Maht? It always looks like that - stuck in a timewarp (again).

Potted? Plotted? Know what you mean, Jan. I love old graveyards and all the wonky headstones - very peaceful, usually.

Mmm, exactly, Kat. When asking a friend if I look all right before going out and she says "yeah, you look nice" - I know it's time to go and change.

Unknown said...

Hee Hee! Like the photo BTW, be nice and take some piccies of the headstones will you.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous church, minx. i like the way you sepia toned it .... very phoctoberish.

nice? our kids learned in preschool: Nice is not a nice word ... and i myself have never been complimented or accused of being nice...kindhearted was as close to it as someone got ....

so celebrate your biting niceties ... and i will continue to consider you quite luverly!!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Love the photo, that's so beautiful. Thanks for putting it up (also, interesting info to!)

Congrats on the award! That's a lovley backhanded compliment from Maht if ever I saw one, but it's perfect for this!

Scarlett & V.

Unknown said...

I'll try V, I really will!

Prefer luverly, Red Dirt, or Minxy, whatever you like, but please not oatmeal, never oatmeal!

Maht know my humour well, Scarlett. As he said, he is about as nice as I am! Heh.

Taffiny said...

The names in Harry Potter make more sense to me now.

Unknown said...

Yep, I expect JK lurks in graveyards as well, Taff.

L.M.Noonan said...

photos not showing dear...somfing wong.
We have biscuits called'Nice', which I thought--as a child; pertained to their taste. But I thunk they're named after that french place...dunno.
Phoctober has been unseasonably hot here so I'm renaming it Phuctober.