Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Red and the Green

Most people's idea of Cornwall is rugged coast, golden sand and lots of lardy food. I thought my Phoctober project should try and reflect a different aspect to the county so I will just take pics within a mile or two from my house and stay away from the beautiful beach.

Totally distraught at the withdrawal of red phone boxes (read that as ripped from my heart), replaced by the ghastly, free from urine smell (hah) new black impersonal, characterless ones, I am pleased that, so far, the Royal Mail has kept their lovely post boxes.
Post boxes come in a few styles, the mad cylinder with the flat cap, and the hole in the wall being my favourite. Anyway, here is a wall type box, just up the road. I like this one, it sort of looks a bit surprised.

I thought this poem would go with it nicely.

As Ivy

Ivy inches up the wall
sure intent upon its goal
the single pistil shoots it straight -
inside the barren wall, there waits
a single fissure, sure and still
whose orifice, awaiting fill
allows adventitious roots a hold
oblivious that this creeper bold
will steal away its mind and heart
leaving wounds, a mortal scar
of petioled leaves and rampant vine.
The wall, of course, cannot decline
and pulls invasion closer in
uniting in the calyx twine and
lets the greenery do its worst
burrowing deep, quenching thirst.
But wait,
Spring brings poisonous glucoside
offering gentle suicide
that may be the only way
to rid the wall of this affray
that spreads like canker, invading plight
denies the wall the freedom fight
But ivy will not let it go
mutual need drives it so
whilst holding brick in gentle grip
the ivy plants an emerald kiss



Roberta said...

What a beautiful photograph.

What a beautiful poem.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Roberta, hope you haven't eaten that deer yet!

Unknown said...

You know, you're getting very good at this sort of thing... I'll have to watch out ;)

I do love that postbox and the surprised look!

Taffiny said...

ah, men.

I want a red mailbox thingy.

I miss your face. My computer has you as ? today.

Roberta said...

Minx!!! I can't eat the deer thingys. I'll feed 'em. But never eat them. EVER!

Why is your picture a tiny red

Admin said...

i just stumbled across your blog, and i love it. i've borrowed one of your images for my own blog, which i'm using to send a message to someone i want badly. see you around!

Unknown said...

I do hope they don't modernise the post box, Cailleach. I don't think people realised how much they liked red phones boxes until they were gone. Funnily enough I found one in a pub the other day.

I am not sure where I have gone, Taff, I shall investigate. No doubt one of Bloggers funny little tricks - bastard.

I was teasing, Roberta, but did wonder if the poor little dear was going to add to your nuclear winter stocks!

Hope it works, Kirsten.

Shameless Words said...

A post box with a surprised look ... I won't go there ... I was going to write something, then thought ... no, that's risqué! The poem brings up lots of lovely images. :-)

Unknown said...

Hah, Shameless, you know I don't suffer from holding back - go on, say what you think!

And please, who has nicked my photo? Give it back now!

Debi said...

Lovely pic and words, my dear rectangular invisible friend.

Unknown said...

Oooer, where did I do? I am nothing more than a blip! I have re-loaded my profile pic - anyone got any suggestions? No complaining though, I do look rather thin, doncha think?

Jan said...

Yep, the box is sort of surprised..wide eyed, expectant certainly, and blushing a lot too!

Unknown said...

Oh, I do so like English postboxes - I'm sure they're all filled with stories going travelling.

Admin said...

oh, he's already mine. i just like to send him little messages. ;) and he loved it.

Debi said...

Oh you're back!

And I see the weight's gone straight back on. See? Crash diets never work ... More choccy?

Unknown said...

Ah hah! There I am - now if anyone has nicked me photo's from the post below I would be grateful if they out them back as I can't Blogger to swallow them again - bastard twice.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Jan, yes, sort of expectant but probably not expecting the host of clever little 'bombs' that the local kids drop in.

I love then, Vanilla, if they try to get rid of them I shall start a global campaign.

Glad to be of service, Kristen. I don't suppose you tried to turn him on with my church photo, did you? No, probably not. Ah well, if you see it lurkin' about....

I have heard about size zero, Debi, but that was ridiculous. I am hating Blogger at this moment - blows loud raspberry.

Hannah Velten said...

Found your blog today...
We've got a letterbox in the village set into a brick pillar which supports one of the fingerpost road signs (if that makes sense?!!) And one of my friends had a brain wave when BT started getting rid of the red phoneboxes in London - he bought a whole batch and refurbished them and sold them abroad - people went mad for the historic appeal - so there's a tip! I used to live in Cornwall, so will follow your photo project with interest....

Unknown said...

I just loved you Phoctober project :)

Good going...

Pants said...

Lovely, Minxie



Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Love the photo and the poem, very good stuff, Minx.

A surprised hole in the wall... and a hungry one, we hope.

Scarlett & V.

Unknown said...

It makes sense, Hannah. Rural areas have their sprinkling of oddly placed post boxes. Nice of you to find me.

Hi, Vibhanshu, I am enjoying other people's photo's so much that I keep forgetting to post my own. Shh, don't tell the Phoctober King.

Pantsie, hello there. Have you got rid of House of Pants yet?

Yay, stuff is good, Scarlett, and good stuff is even gooder.

Anonymous said...

We have victorian and even Georgian post boxes, and gas lamp posts...

Unknown said...

...and Piccalilli factories and Howler monkey's and the Needle Park. Mutley you are fibbing again - Bridport does not have electricity yet.

Mellifluous Dark said...

Gorgeous. I salivate at the sight of ivy at this time of year...