Thursday, May 24, 2007

Song of Bragi

The runes are cut, tis written plain
Graven on the tongue
Bragi, wordsmith, wisdom comes
From Valhalla’s raven depths

Skaldic beauty, promised cup
Overflows in Edda song
Call to the wild, plead the wind
To bring the roar of Odin’s son.


This is my poem to accompany my lovely lion (29), which will live in my sidebar, not eating tofu (oh read the comments below).
Want a lion? Go HERE and join The Shameless Lions


(he could have called it The Foxy Minxs - doncha think?)



L.M.Noonan said...

Only 41 words! Short and sweet. I was wondering who'd be the first to take up the accompanying prose challenge. I'll be bringing up the rear myself.

Unknown said...

I am celebrating those 41 words, LM, they did not come easily. I am confined, caged, very un-lionlike but I spent a staff meeting researching Norse mythology - it seemed a waste not to use it!
Bringing up the rear? A good place to be.

S. Kearney said...

This is wonderful, Minx, and goes so well with Bragi. One question: is the g hard or soft... I'm saying Brajee, but then wonder if it's Bragee as in French guy.
LMN, I'm looking forward to Lorenza's piece. :) Let him guide you to the words.

Roberta said...

What a wonderful compliment to your new pet. He must be very happy lounging at your feet eating pie.

I'm working on mine. I can't do a poem, not for him. My Blue is expecting a full blown short story.

He demands much.

Unknown said...

I think it is Bray-gee, Seamus, although I am not terribly familiar with Nordic pronunciation. His father was Odin, and his mother was Frigg, a giantess (don't you love mythology). Anyway, he was some sort of genius in the writing department - so I'll stick with that.

Blue, lovely name, Roberta - looking forward to your offering, and all the others as well.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Minx. And hey, Shameless gave me a lion too - to guard the blog while I watch on from afar...

Unknown said...

A Novalion. How cool, and I'm so glad. Maybe it will inspire you to write......a new blog!

Unknown said...

Oh no that's three names and two peoms. I am so behing LM, rest assured you are not bringing up the rear! Anyway, give Bragi a big hug from me Minx and just as soon as I name mine I'll invite him over to play.