Thursday, May 17, 2007

I want to be a tomato

I want to be a tomato
And hang around all day
With all my red-skinned buddies
In a tomato-ish kind of way

I’d love to be a tomato
and have a fetching pointy cap
I’d listen to the tomato vine
and be a social kind of chap

We’d hang about the fridge and chat
chill out, be really cool
making fun of cucumbers
and last week’s gooseberry fool

I be a fussy kind of tomato
juicy, plump and fickle
being choosy who I had as mates
finest cheese and ploughman’s pickle

No plans to be passata
not chopped, or tinned, or plum
and to think that I’d be ketchup
would make me rather glum because

I want to be a well dressed tom
wrapped in splendid mayonnaise
so I can look back and say
those were my salad days


This is a poem for Poetry Thursday
The theme this week is 'bring in the humour'
click the link for more....
London Refugee mailed his take on me veg - how clever is this?
Lettuce beetroot to
Each other
Forget those leeks of mangetout
That sprout up now and then
And I beg you not to two-thyme me
For a sage
Accept my 3-carrot ring
(it's all I can afford on my celery)
And I will find a kohlrabi
I will pepper you with love
And radish you lentil eternity
Cos if you ever leave me
I'll become a has-bean and a vegetable

pee ess - for a more serious read I have posted my entry in the Moon Topples competition over on THE LITTLE MINX - it is called 'The Ritual'.


Meloney Lemon said...

You say 'tomayto'
I say 'tomato'

you say 'potahto'
I say 'potato'

- let's call the whole thing off!!

Roberta said...

I am howling!!!!!!! Thanks for the good laugh this evening Minx!

I would adore a nice radish, or oh yes!!! A zuchinni!

I know it's Poetry Thursday, but I've been very reflective.

gautami tripathy said...

I had a fun time reading this. Thanks


Unknown said...

The Big Fecker used to call them tommy-atoes - he was nuts as well.

Zuchinni (she means courgettes, English people). I can see you've been reflective Roberta - poor husband.

Hi GT - still getting the hang of this Thursday thing - I have the attention span of a teabag so who knows how long I will last!

claireylove said...

well you made me smile :)
(we tend to call them tommy-atoes chez nous too)

Unknown said...

I like 'em grilled, 'till their skin falls off. Then they get eaten with a great big FRY-UP.

London Refugee said...

Just what I needed this week - all those bones of mine that needed tickling are chuckling mirthily!

Anonymous said...

Salad days indeed! I wonder what the other veg would think....

Unknown said...

Well, you should know Mutley, seeing as you have an allotment!

Seems some people have been inspired by my innocent little tomato.

Debi said...

That tomato is so NOT innocent ...

Unknown said...

Colour me red, I'm tickled beyond pink. Minx, dear, you really do make the most fetching sort of tomato.

Unknown said...

Miss Debi, I can assure you that my tomato is virginal in the extreme! How dare you imply that a tomato of mine is anything less than innocent and pure. My fridge is fit to bursting with an assortment of sinless, guiless and naive fruit and veg, well, except for those broccoli types - bunch of spoilers.

Unknown said...

Atyllah, did you know that tomatoes also come in black (Black Prince - mmm) how cool is that to serve up at the witchin' hour?

S. Kearney said...

Minxy minxy Minx! Thick old me has just worked out that your short story in the Moon Topples contest was my third choice in the voting. I didn't know it was yours! How's that for objective feedback? :) Wonderful stuff. This tomato poem made me laugh, which is always a good thing.

Unknown said...

Ever known for my sad lack of competitivness, I was more interested to see who wrote what when Maht unveiled. There were a few people that I knew had entered but I failed miserably in picking them out! Probably good seeing as I was part of the jury as well.
Only third, you bugger!

The tomato verse has done its job if it made you laugh - there is not much else to be said for it!

LadyTerri said...

I love that....Those were my salad days how refreshing heheh

The Wandering Author said...

LOL! I'd like to see anyone try to read that out with a straight face at a poetry reading...

Crafty Green Poet said...

This made me smile!

Unknown said...

I could read it perfectly well with a straight face WA - tomatoes are serious things!

Hello Lady Pyrate and Crafty Green. Always glad to being a smile, or a smirk!

Unknown said...

Black tomatoes? Sounds right up Granny's er... street.

Unknown said...

Best not to talk about granny's street in public, eh Aty?

dinner jackets said...

Funny tomato head.