Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great Big Awesome Short Fiction Competition

Maht's competition is well underway over at Moon Topples. Pop over to read some brilliant entries under the title of 'growth'.
Still a few days to go, so get on with it!

Also don't forget that Skint's comp is still going on HERE with categories for everyone.

Why would you want to enter a competition?

Before blogging I had only entered a few competitions. The whole fussy business of reading through the interminable rules and regs and then submitting the right type of copy to the right important person sort of pissed me off. You never knew if your submission was even read and only got feedback if your paid extra on top of the entry fee.

Blog comps are great. Not only do you get to see your work up somewhere else but you also get to link to some new blogs and make connections with writers who are all in this same mad boat. Apart from anything, even if you are writing out of genre and length they are a massive discipline (a word I loathe), they keep your fingers flexed and your mind sharp.

So even if you are toying with the idea of entering the next one I say - go for it. You have nothing to lose because it is not really about the winning, is it?



Unknown said...

Blog comps are also awesome, cos when you send off to a competition you are letting other people judge your work; whereas here on the boggernetty you as a a writer also get to critque the writing that is up, which is a VERY good exercise. That was a long sentence...

L.M.Noonan said...

I'm building up my nerve to enter one these competitions, in the meantime I've been sniffing around sites like yours and shameless trying to learn the ropes. I don't want to go back to 'school' to learn how to do it. Life's too short.

Unknown said...

You're right V. Writing can be a lonely experience with no way to move forward. Very long sentence btw - do something about it!

LM, a few of us swop work, edit and offer advice on stuff off the blog. Give me a mail at innerminx at googlemail dot com if I can help in any way.
You have written some beautiful posts on your blog - be brave and thrown them out on the the wind. None of us ever stop learning.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you, Minx! But one thing bothers me sometimes. Will anybody take my writings and make it his/her own (not that I produce world class pieces)?

Unknown said...

Are you talking about copyright, CS?

Anonymous said...

yes. :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I can't write fiction - I'm too anchored to reality and don't have the imagination for it. Third person narratives also tend to spook me. "Who is this psychic who can peer into people's minds?" I wonder.

Jan said...

Lots of interest on your blog, Minx and thankyou for your encouragement.

Unknown said...

AS far as I know CS, there are are few things you can do to protect your work. Have a look here

and here

These are mostly talking about the larger news blogs who are having whole articles pinched by other bloggers (nasty).
I think a Creative Commons licence is most widely used. Some people simply put up a request and of course, you know there is a hex on anyone who tries to steal from here!

Unknown said...

Gb - yes, I noticed that on your blog, no imagination at all! And yes, third person narrative is a bit spooky - usually written by writers with a third hand.

Jan, as a creative writing tutor, you know the value of sharing your work with others. I have suffered (in more ways than one) at the hands of my fellow classmates, but it only serves to make you examine your own writing, adjust and hopefully progress.