Monday, May 07, 2007

Miserable May

I mostly missed Beltane/May Day (the Gin Club didn't, see above) - it went by in a haze of prescription drugs, aided and abetted by the wonders of daytime TV. I have just been sorting out the calender for May. It is all looking a bit sad and it is another five weeks until the next sabbat. Oh poot.

Apart from being honoured by two bank holidays (whoopee for lazy bankers) there really isn't much going on apart from the odd birthday and Flora Day tomorrow, which is a local shindig that I will miss because I have to work.

I thought I would cheer myself up by having a special day this month just for me. I nearly decided on the 14th (Bowel Movement Monday maybe) but then I thought that it would be nice to have Worthless Wednesday on the 23rd. I have cancelled both of them in favour of Flat-on-yer-back Friday which will be held on the 11th.

In heavy discussions with the Gin girls earlier on, we have decided that much can be accomplished on yer back and have come up with a number of fun activities that require little or no movement. Sounds like hot-tub heaven to me.

So, help yourself. Grab a day, make it yours and mark it down on miserable May. Points awarded for originality.

pee ess - you can't have the 27th because it's Rising Cleavage Day in Prospididnick (a village near me) and I couldn't possibly miss that to attend your celebrations. So sorry.


So how is May shaping up?

8th - Poncy Dress Day in Helston/ Paris Hilton Does Porridge Day

10th - Don't give a shit Thursday

11th - Flat on yer back Friday

14th - L>t's Bowel Movement Monday

13th - Wholly Holey Holy Holiday or CS Day

15th - Turn the Page Tuesday (Verillion Day)

18th - Farmpost Friday

19th - Debi's Long-Winded Title Day

20th - Rat Infestation Sunday

21st - Roberta's - Mundane Mud Pie Day

23rd - Worthless Wednesday

25th - Flaw in my Sanity Friday (Nooy Day)

27th - Rising Cleavage day

28th - Tweede Pinksterdag (it says it on my calender okay)

29th - Mutley's Non-Existent Day

Ahhh, much better - things are definitely looking up for May.


concerned citizen said...

Oh my God! Does suffering make one witty?
Is that how it works? shit. Just saying cause you are extra funny today.

I'm hoping bowel movement monday is in my honor. :p

Love the ladies. Cornwall sounds alot like the coast here, acually.

concerned citizen said...

Except we don't have any pixies & our sand is yellow, no pirates either,but we do have Crackheads that will steal everything that isn't nailed down & their teeth are quite nasty & their hair is scraggly, does that count?
Lardy food, yep they call that southern cooking or (ha ha) comfort food.(the only comfort you get is a nice layer of fat) Lots of early flowers & mild climate.

We don't have a lot of witches either, but some people are into American Indian religion.

Roberta said...

Oh my Goodness. I hope your
"real" Gin Club doesn't get a glimpse of this! I'm howling over here!

...And yes suffering does improve on ones whit. I can't make your signature, but you have a dreadfully delightful green face and purple pajamas. (I am keyboard illiterate.)

I'm hoping for Mundane Mud Pie Monday, but I better hurry up. The month is wearing on. :)

Nooy said...

What's been
Flaw in my
Sanity! A whole week of

And while I'm at it I had a question... did you get to choose your own cover for your book? Did you have a say in it, in picking the artist and whatnot or does the publisher decide?
(just because I wanna design some book ocvers someday)

Unknown said...

You can have BM Monday L>t, I don't think anyone else has claimed it yet. Have a look at 'Stalking Cornwall' in me Cornish Cream links on the side bar - great pics of my area.

Roberta, the Gin's have already seen this. I mailed it out as soon as I found it. Isn't it fab. Larger ladies are so sexy.

Meike, yes, I was lucky enough to be able to collaborate (Skint might say dictate) on me cover. I don't think you get that with the bigger publishers.
I love your days of the week acronym - I am stealing now....

Anonymous said...

What a splendid idea Ms Minx! Of course we need some kind of register of these days - will you co-ordinate?

I bag Not-Existing Day which will be the 29th February every four years. I will challenge everyone to spend the day not existing. Like I don't.

Anonymous said...

is this a convention of naturist sumo wrestlers? I only ask.

Unknown said...

Why no, Mutley, tis me Gin Club celebrating 'Don't give a shit Thursday' at the local Wimmins Institute.

Debi said...

Right. V good idea.

I'd like the whole of May, please, to be designated as Feed Me Grapes and Choccy and Don't Ask Me Stupid Bloody Questions cos I Won't Be Able to Answer With Me Mouth Full of Grapes and Chocolate and Wouldn't Want to Anyway cos I've Had Enough of Stupid Bloody Questions Month.

That OK?

Unknown said...

I'm having a Turning the Page Tuesday next week. It's non negotiable, I bagsed it ages ago and I believe I already invited you.

By the way is Flora Day the thing in Helston?

Unknown said...

Debi, that's greedy. You can have the 19th which is in between Farmpost Friday and Rat Infestation Sunday.

Ah yes V, Turn the Page Tuesday (also known as Trash the Past Tuesday in some parts). I'm in.

Yep, Flora Day is in Helston. Unlike the earthy Obby Oss Day in Padstow on the 1st May, Flora is far more genteel with poncy dresses and top hats and a local brew called Spingo (otherwise known as 'on-yer-ass-in-sixty-seconds'. I love Cornwall, we're so cultured.

Unknown said...

Which one's you?
(i'm off, sharpish).

Unknown said...

I am the one at the back John G, giving it the invisible welly. I like to throw meself into these things! But aren't we gorgeous?

Chris at 'Chrissie's Kitchen' said...

Is this a private club, or can anyone join..... if you please?
Is drinking gin a pre-entry? if so ....

Unknown said...

All welcome Lizzie, gin optional, pull up a stool and pick yourself a day.

Anonymous said...

mark your calendar

13 May

Wholly Holey Holy Holiday

Unknown said...

Done CS. I see it is also Mother's day somewhere in the world on this day - any coincidence?

concerned citizen said...

My own day. "Bowel Movement Monday" May 13th. I shall have to do something really special. Maybe I'll make something for you, eh? a

Unknown said...

I am thrilleed and delighted at your thoughtfulness L>t. I await with, umm, uncontrollable anticipation!

Anonymous said...

I am touched - I don't think I ever had a day before - not like this anyway...

Jenny! said...

Fuck My Friends Friday (it could have two meanings depending on your mood)!

Unknown said...

Mutley, I had a star named after me once - do you think Mildred Splange a good name to put in the heavens?

Jenny, I think I only have Thursdays left until next year. You could have a sort of lispy 'Thuck your Thriends Thursday' on the 17th?