Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hunt the healer

Today a lovely friend Angela, whizzed me off to a Mystic Fayre (always authentic when spelt that way) in Penzance. It was also a chance to see another dear friend (Dee) in action as a clairvoyant, so I hopped out of my sick bed (yeah, right) and made for the gathering of all things mystical, magickal and slightly deranged.

Stiff, and imagining that I looked like the Hunchback's cousin, we wended our way through incense heavy air and perused a variety of stalls while we waited for a window of opportunity to have a quick natter with our all-seeing mate.

We passed a wizard and his Runes, a shaman and his rather nice hair, an painter of spirit guides and came across a guy not selling very many singing bowls. I wasn't surprised, these antique Tibetan bowls made from at least five kinds of metal were very expensive. They are played by rolling a wooden mallet around the outside rim which produces multiphonic and polyharmonic tones which very strangely sang straight to my back. There was no pain but the resonance was as at exactly the point of injury especially when he got close. It didn't look that weird, honestly. I was impressed, and had to be held back from taking out a second mortgage to take one of the big ones home.

Next we looked at aura pictures (pah!), passing quickly by Mr Man-Tan, a supposedly famous clairvoyant with dodgy taste in crocodile shoes and an appalling hair job, and then onto a stall selling prayer bowls.

"They are made to your individual needs" Mr I-Saw-You-Coming said.

Very clever considering that the tacky things were all mass produced in a factory.

We wafted on and found a delightful witchy stall selling all manner of, well, witchy things. We bought some bits and bobs and then refuelled with coffee and a tasty sandwich at the organic, free-range, definitely good for you, cafe.

I was just deciding on a rather nice cobwebby, lacey thingy on one of the many clothing stalls when Dee became free and we shot (hah, again) over for a quick hug.

"So, what are you feeling unsupported about?" were her first words to me.

I hate it when she does this because she hits the nail on the head every time. She believes that we only get ill because our emotional centres are out of kilter. She is not often wrong.

Dee was very, very busy, so after a hasty catch-up and promises to meet up very soon she pointed out a lovely Indian guy on a crystal stall who she thought could help me poorly back.

Chris tried to make me warm up with the help of some very pretty stones. The injury remained as it was but I did feel a tingle further up. He was lovely and did seem to know where all me aches were. I bought a couple of crystals and hung onto them all the way home.

As I got out of the car I realised that for the first time in days I hadn't grunted as I got up. The pain was still there but I was far less stiff and as we sunk to the sofa for a medicinal gin I felt relaxed and even managed a smile (just a small one!).

So come on, which one of you healing-type buggers was it?

(picture - Earthmother 2 by Cornish artist Annieb)


Unknown said...

It was the singing bowl wasn't it? That's what I'm reckoning anyway. I really liked that line: 'which very strangely sang to my back'.
And then again I'm hoping it was the crystals cos you bought those home with you didn't you. Hope you stop grunting soon and things work out.

V sending healing thoughts across cyberspace.

Unknown said...

Hey Minx, turns out my colleague who has also got a really bad back has a tibetan singing bowl. I'm telling you I'm going with the bowl. Will let you know if it works after extensive tests. She is also doing hydrotherapy which she absolutely loves.

Unknown said...

They were so beautiful, V. I really am thinking about that second mortgage.
As for healing - I don't know. I am very into 'natural' remedies and healing but still maintain a healthy scepticism when money is involved. It is whatever works for you, I guess.

Off for acupuncture this afternoon - now that really does work!

Debi said...

Well if my healing vibes are powerful enough it could have been me cos I've been sending 'em non-stop!

On the other hand there is a school of thought that it's better to keep moving with bad backs ... but NOT to work. Oh no, definitely not to work.

That not feeling supported theory is very apt - I agree with Dee 100% there.

Roberta said...

I have a "feeling" it was all of that walking around, Minx. ;)

Unknown said...

I have a feeling too, Roberta, but it mostly comes from the numerous needle holes in me bod (and Debi's obvious healing powers).
It WORKED - I am upright. Feel a bit euphoric/drunk/stoned and am preparing for the crash tonight but hopefully I am on the home straight.

I love acupuncture, oh yes I do!

concerned citizen said...

I don't go for that voodoo stuff. Drugs & booze for me.

My gramma used to swear on a good bowel movement. How her day would go depended on the temperment of her colon. We got to hear about it every morning.

I'm sure she'd sit you down & figure out you just needed a good cleaning out & give you some flax seed oil & make you drink a glass or two of water. Somehow she'd figure how the singing bowls worked, too. Some kind of sound wave colon massage, I bet.

Anonymous said...

A spliff and castlemaine 4X will cure what ails you - either that or a good seeing to. I have cured many illnesses that way. Do you think I should have a stall at these events?

Scott from Oregon said...

I am a builder and probably the strongest guy to ever leave a comment on your blog- which means I know about spine pain.

Sometimes, I really shouldn't pick up refrigerators by myself- that sort of pain.

Spend the money on the best glucosamine and condroitin (sp?) pills you can find. Take them religiously. When your back is really bad, do a series of 800mg motrins for at least a week to get the inflammation out.

Backs are mechanical structures, not mystical creatures like unicorns and princely frogs. The pills will lubricate and cushion the joints and the motrin will keep the inflammation at bay.

Other than that advice, I wish you a speedy reduction in your discomfort. Been there, done that, too many times to care to remember.

Unknown said...

Thank you L>t - Gramnma was a witch - no doubt!

Mutley, I think you could make a fortune. I hope your are practising what you are preaching.

Scott of Oregon (said with lots of reverb and loads of echo) - thank you as well.
Condroitin (?) is obviously Merkan - I will look into it.

Thanks peeps - drugs, bowels,more drugs, booze and sex - think I got it nailed now!

Anonymous said...

Le fait est que je ne comprends pas ce texte. Car je suis trop parisienne.

The Moon Topples said...

I can assure you it wasn't me. Until a few hours ago I was shooting mental daggers at you, since we were competing for prixes and all over at Clarity. Thankfully that's all passed, and now we can be friends again.

AlsoJust wanted to remind you and your readers about the GBA(s)FC #2, which kicks off May 1st over on my blog. Hope to see you there. Seems like you have a title to defend (or you would, if your category still existed).

Sorry to post off-topic.

S. Kearney said...

Minx, are you OK now? So, what did work in the end? I hope you're back to your normal self. Doesn't back pain mean you will be receiving lots of money soon or you will be parting with lots?

Unknown said...

Le M - I'll ignore your spam just this once, don't do it again.

Maht, thank you. Unaware as I was of your temporary hatred of me, I am now delighted to back in the friendship fold!
Good luck with the new comp, 'spect I'll be there to defend my non-existant category.

Shameless, I am feeling like I have been kicked by three horses today, an after effect of being stabbed with needles. Hoping that it will subside by the moro.
I have no money to part with so I am hoping for the other.

concerned citizen said...

A witch? Oh dear! Gramma wouldn't like that idea! Just a little anal-fixation I always thought.

Anonymous said...

Are you OK Ms Minx - how was the tatooing?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Penzance always sounded like a magical place to me. Do they have water-skiing there now? I fear being disappointed if I visit there.

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely emails and kind comments. Seems a disc has prolapsed (horrible word, smacks of 'sagging') - so am feeling like a very old witch at present!
Hoping that the renegade disc will find its way home again soon.

Unknown said...

GB, Penzance is not very magickal - it is a busy fishing port so not much water skiing going on. If you wish some magick I would recommend Mousehole (pronounced Mowsel), St Ives, Veryan or Polperro. Watersports and nightlife at Newquay (ugh).

Debi said...

Kissy kissy.

Anonymous said...

I hope we will hear from you soon - the world is a better place when you blog...

Thy said...

haha. my parents always have some weird chinese herbal medicine that tastes like dead puppies, but work like a charm. Sometimes i think i'd rather skip the dead puppies and wait out the illness.

Debi said...

If I thought dead puppies would do the trick I'd be getting my Cruella de Ville outfit on quicker than you can say 'Ease back, blessed disc.'

Unknown said...

I would eat live puppies if I thought it would help! (Oh Goddess, no I wouldn't).

Thank you all for your kind words. I am not used to being useless and hate moaning about anything, but if any of you have a spare sacrum I would be very grateful!

Marie said...

I hope you feel better soon, Minx.

Unknown said...

Thank you Marie, I am resembling a teabag and now have some shit hot drugs that send me off to la-la land. No difference then really!