Thursday, April 26, 2007

If there be pain

I was going to write something incredibly intelligent tonight about writing, but have decided that I am feeling too self-obsessed to do much more than have a little grunt.


Being incapacitated, that is. I am not often ill, rarely have diseases, fungal infections or missing limbs, and have not suffered the pox for years.

Woe, woe, woe is me. My spine has given up and left the building.

I am hoping that a cunning mixture of acupuncture and industrial strength drugs will get me vertical soon. In the meantime I am watching daytime TV and writing drug-induced drivel on blogs.

Please forgive me for I know not what I do!


Roberta said...

Oh NO, dear. Heat. Apply heat to the source of the pain. Then tomorrow ice packs. It kills me that you are hurting. I know this pain, recently cracked a rib reaching over the railing of my deck to pick my lilacs and save them from snow. Damn it hurt. Ibuprofen, is a muscle relaxant. Heat helps in the first 24 hours. Ice after 24 hours will work, when applied.

I'm so sorry you hurt.

Newmania said...

No no no never apply heat to muscular pain of any sort . Cold is what you need.

Errm how did you out your back out then Minx ?:)

Unknown said...

Ugh, just woken up and remembered this whingeing post from last night. Please ignore as I can't be bothered to take it down. Moaning old cow!

Horrible back is a war wound - a result of a suitcase being shoved behind me during a very quick birth! Picking up a sock finished it off completely on Tuesday.
I am very grumpy!

Thank you for your advice - gel packs at the ready.

Lee said...

I know the problem very well and swear by Voltaren, both orally and applied locally in periods of acute attack (ask your GP first, of course) - and yoga at all other times. Your body is telling you something, Minx. (Leave the socks for the menfolk??)

Unknown said...

OH no! How could your spine leave that lovely bathroom! If I see it I will send it packing. Meanwhile you know all those drugs your taking. Well a colleague of mine who is having a nightmare with her back advises that you mix all those muscle relaxants with liberal amounts of alcohol.

Debi said...

Damn - those socks are heavy, aren't they? And I misread the suitcase bit and thought it was shoved somewhere else during birth ...

Which might go to show things could always be worse ...

Sending you suitcases and sockloads of love and healing vibes. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you're better soon, Minx. Your country needs you.

Unknown said...

I swear about a lot of things Lee, both orally and locally (bugger. bugger). Voltaren sounds like an alien from a badly dubbed sci-fi movie.

Verilion, Debi and Clare - thank you. I am still grumpy. Very grumpy.
Does alcohol count as natural medicine then, V?

S. Kearney said...

An osteo once told me that the only real remedy for a bad back is not to move said back! So lie back, Minx, with bottle of wine, soothing music and let the socks pile up; when you next walk you will be cushioned! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going for a tattoo with the pins thing! How silly of me I expect you are already completely covered. Odd about the sock being the last straw isn't it - makes you think?

I hope you are better soon and can think of some kind of weird poultice to recommend as a cure on your blog!

Jan said...

Get well soon.

Unknown said...

You think You've got a bad back? Pfft!

LOL, get well soon minx. x

London Refugee said...

The writer's curse! The dreaded back!

I empathise with the spinal probs. Within a year of starting to 'write' - 25 years ago - I developed bad problems in the neck particularly but occasional in mid-back radiating (goodness I sound like I'm describing symptoms to my doc).

Then I started hacking at the Beeb and I asked an experienced writer what he did for backache. "Learn to touch type!" And I never did.

I still get neck and back pain and it's too late for this old scribby to get to grips with Mavis Beacon. How's your typing, Minx?

And DAYTIME TV!? There lies madness and atrophied braincells. How about Mr Minx giving some oily massage? Now I sound like Anna Raeburn.

And GOOD LUCK with comp on Sunday!

The Refugee

Unknown said...

Oh John G, you are just what I needed - a kick up the backside! Compared to what you must put up with everyday this is just a drop in the ocean. Thank you and I am sorry for being a moany old bag.

Having said that, Refugee, my back is not caused by a poor typing position (and yes I do touch type). Without going into too much detail for the more delicate among you - being in an awkward position during a very quick birth did the original damage. After that it was just plain abuse.
Madness and atrophied brain cells have led to writing - what does one do about it?

(Oh Goddess, one has turned into the Queen now)

Jenny! said...

I hope you feel better soon! I have been sick with this nagging cold for over a month now and I am tired!

Unknown said...

Oh Goddess, me too Jenny.
When the body is injured, or fighting disease, it seems to make you lie down and watch dross on the TV so leading to a small nap.

I am still bloody grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Geez Minx I've been away, sorry to hear about the back. Take care.
Bushmills works sort of...I still have back spasms but now I don't care:)

Unknown said...

Mr Clackson, I need no encouragement towards a medicinal tipple, but at 7.30 in the morning? I shall wait until 8.

Unknown said...

Minx, I wouldn't have you not being a moany old bag!!

Anonymous said...

8 is tis then...always the professional. Get well!

equiano said...

Oh dear, Minx. Sore backs can be a real killer. I've found an osteopath is the way to go. Have you a good local one? Soon they work themselves out of a job and leave you with little exercises to do on your own at home to strengthen things. Definitely works. Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I didn;'t respond very well to osteopathy, Equiano but did go to a chiropractor a few years ago. The clickety-click worked like a dream but the cost nearly left us destitute.

Anonymous said...


"In the meantime I am watching daytime TV and writing drug-induced drivel on blogs."

The daytime TV would be enough without the drugs. I'm surprised after that combo that you could write at all.

Whoever invented daytime TV should be forced to watch it, late into the night, alone, in a darkened room.

Sorry to hear your back's giving you gip. It's a pain in the backside when you've got a pain in the back. I've just recovered from a couple of weeks of kidney infection myself, with a lot of backache.

Of course, as a typical man I'm a complete coward when it comes to pain.

Unknown said...

Hello Amin,
I usually deal with pain really well, but this one is trying to tell me something - like "stop moving".