Wednesday, March 21, 2007

De Wreck Jones

Mad as it is, Derec is me publisher. He blogs HERE under the name of Skintwriter. When I first came across him he was eating bread in the middle of the night and earned himself the nickname of 'Hovis Gobbler' (apart from others, which are far too rude to mention).
Derec writes plays, prose and poetry, paints and observes life in his own inimitable style!

1.Why did you start blogging?
to promote myself as a writer (and he does - have you read The Three Bears?)

2.When will you stop?
don't know, I think about stopping every day (and leave us alone? Oh no!)

3.What is your favourite kind of post to write?
probably reportage style writing but also enjoy posting examples of my creative writing

4.Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blogroll (lit, arty, funny, stupid etc) – what do you mean they're not diverse?
There are so many diverse links on my blogroll and they are all there for a reason, couldn't possibly highlight any particular one

5.You can have five bloggers over for tea and cakes – who would you choose?
Again, can't possibly choose, except maybe moby ( he is an internationally successful musician yet he is so unpretentious and humble and caring (and he'd appreciate my vegan chocolate muffins)

6.You have the power to blow up one blog – who?
only one? (that's my boy)

7.What colour underwear are you wearing?
a banana on a bicycle


Debi said...

Ah yes. That's the Skint we know and love.

Word verification is FUXKED! It is! I swear it is!

Unknown said...

No swearing - I believe you!

He's going to kill me when he sees that photo!

Lee said...

Hey, Skint. Thanks for the tip about Moby's blog. It's great fun.

Anonymous said...

ye - moby's blog is fun

Minx - why did you put the 'before' picture up - tut tut

Unknown said...

I love this picture - it was at the Cardiff launch and you were nearly smiling!

Debi said...

Ah Cardiff ... Sweet memories ...

Remember the case of mistaken identity when were looking for De Wreck? We rushed outside and yelled to a total stranger 'Huh! There you are! Thought you could hide from us, did you?'

Unknown said...

He ran away - that poor stranger. I wonder why?

Unknown said...

I'm just wondering whose blog he wants to blow up.