Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This Blogging year

Normal service will be resumed just as soon as I have done the popular thing and reviewed me year!

After receiving nasty mails and comments I found out the power of the blogosphere here..

I found people who understood my weird meanderings and laughed until I peed me pants!

I met strange people on the beach

I had me very own interview with Jeremy Paxman...

I won me first ever prize for writing....

Then, of course this happened...

Which led me to here....

What a year!
Thank you, thank you, to everyone. Your rude comments, innuendo, constant support, love and light have given an old Minx a kick up the arse - please do it again!
And if I don't get it right - give me a clip across the ear!


Atyllah said...

Aunt Aggie always says, sweet nothings whispered in the ear are far more effective than a clip across it!

Here's to more blogging, more laughs, more wisdom and no nasty stuff.

Susan Abraham said...

Enjoy your moments, Minx.

Cailleach said...

Amazing that year just flying by like that, innit? :)

S'all positive, you know!

Minx said...

It is hard to believe that so much happened last year - amazing when you think back, isn't it?
And yes, all very positive. Let's hope it is te same this year - for all of us.