Saturday, September 09, 2006

Minx - The Interview

I got a bit fed up with all these bloggers getting lovely interviews, so I nipped over to the BBC yesterday and secured myself a spot with the best!

Here's the transcript......

P - Well Minx, I must say that you are looking decidely gorgeous today.

M- Thank you Mr Paxman, one makes an effort.

P - So, can you explain what a blog is?

M - It's a kind of virtual arena, I suppose, populated by some truly weird people that I am now more than happy to call friends

P -Tell us about your blog, what sort of things do you write?

M - Umm, well, rubbish really, but it seems to go down okay. Every now and again I do a sensible post but I don't think they believe me

P - How did you get into this blogging then?

M - The crotchet wasn't working out for me Paxy, I started reading a few well-known blogs, surfed about a bit, pushed the button and have been there ever since

P - I have heard of your love of buttons

M - What can I say, they are there to be pushed

P - Can I just say that you really are looking wonderful today

M - You can, and you can say it as often as you want

P - Now, this commenting lark Minx, do you enjoy this part of blogging?

M - Oh yes. Nip in, plant the bomb, nip out and duck from the backlash

P - Have you upset anyone? We have followed some of your bombs with interest.

M - No, not really. They read the blog and realise that I'm just a bit of a ditz, all title and no content you know

P - You certainly don't look like a ditz today. That particular shade of purple brings out the gleam in your eye

M - Pax...

P - Okay, sorry, do you have a favourite blog?

M - That is fighting talk Mr Paxman, there would be big trouble if I didn't mention the whole linky lot of them.

P - Blood?

M - Copious

P - Okay then, we haven't seen much of your poetry lately, are you still writing those eloquent words of yours?

M - Oh Pax, you old flatterer, I got the email you sent about my last effort

P - Ahh, yes, 'Annie get your drawers on, the vicar's at the door' - a classic.

M - You might like to know that I have written one especially for you

P - I'm afraid that might have to wait Minxy babe, time's up and we really do need to talk about this rather fertile imagination of yours

M - We do?

(no animals were hurt in the making of this interview)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm MD. You won't remember me, but I'm the bloke you used to live with, before you ran off with my computer - bit of a cliche running off with my best friend!
I don't want to worry you too much. but the children have stopped asking "Where's Mummy" and started asking who the wizened crone is sitting in the dark at the computer.( I'm gonna get it for that one I think)
I sat them down the other day and explained that Mummy will be back one day and everything will be alright.
Little Johnny said
" You mean we have a Mummy, just like all the other boys and girls?"
" But where is she?"
" I'm afraid that Mummy is the mad woman on the computer!"
"But don't be too hard on her, it's not her fault. You see she has a terrible disease"
"But what's wrong with her, is it curable?" asked Number 1 son, who is a bit more worldly wise than little Johnny.
" Well son, she's a..a..a Blogoholic!" I stammered.
We hugged and cried for awhile and I promised to blog to you to tell you that we would have you back, even if you are a Blogoholic.
We've admitted it now and it's a great weight off my shoulders.
The first step to your recovery is for you to admit it too, come on Minx, I know you can do it......think of little Johnny and his sad little face.
This is a cautionary tale to all you Bloggers out there. You might think got it under control, you might think that you can stop anytime you want. But it'll be harder with each passing day.
Just say NO! know it makes sense!
Any other Blog widowers out there can contact me on my support site -
Dad's In Crisis......or DIC for short.

Anonymous said...

This is truly funny to read, Minx.
Enjoyable and witty!

(Writing Passions)

Unknown said...

Omigod, how did he get into the inner sanctum?

Crone? Wizened Crone?? You'll way or another

...and anyway, who's 'Little Johnny' and 'No 1 son', have you told the Feckers about their mysterious new brothers?

The DIC Club? Suits!!

Marie said...

Once again, thanks for making me laugh (or at least, smile!)

monideepa sahu said...

Dropped by after hearing about you from Atyllah the hen, and I sure am glad. Laughing, in fact, and thoroughly enjoying your posts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Minx, if you do start BA what step is it when you get to bring along your friends?

Loved the interview as well. Paxman seems to have a thing going for you there!

Unknown said...

Why, what's Atyllah said about me? Nice of you to pop in though Moni, whatever that mad chicken said.

And V, Bloggers Anon is the MD's idea of a little joke (and we're laughing) - if he thinks that I'm admitting to anything he's got another thing coming. There is nothing anonymous about my blogging habits - I blog, therefore I am!

Unknown said...

Minx you are a tonic for tired eyes!

Where did the DIC guy come from? He sounds very like someone I know. In fact, he could be related...

Unknown said...

I live with the DIC!

MD = Main driver

Anonymous said...

The "MD"'s comment reminds me of when Jenny said to me a few weeks ago that she wished I didn't spend all my time blogging. Ouch! Did not blog once on holiday though, but am now suffering serious clogging (as opposed to blogging).

Love the Paxman interview. You have trumped us all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Minx, You chose my hero for your interview and it was a "read every phrase" interview at that!

So funny too!

And, now that I have finally worked it out, congratulations on your book into print!

By hook or by crook or by spell, you've made it into print!

All the very best, Minx!

Anonymous said...

The MD shouldn't worry - when Paxxy's mate, Mark Lawson gets hold of Coven of One you'll be able to give up the day job and have time to blog and spend time with the feckers

Unknown said...

I am still reeling from being 'blognapped' this morning. Is there software one can purchase to prevent family members from walking in off the street?

Thanks Crimey, for all aspects of your comment. Feeling a bit of 'smiley smugness' of late and please don't tell Skint he's been 'spelled'!

And as to the essence of the MD's comments Maxine, yes, I'm afraid his words are truer than I would care to admit. The Feckers have never called me 'Mummy' though - he really ought to get his facts right, and his punctuation leaves a lot to be desired and....

Unknown said...

Oh look there's me PUBLISHER up there. When did you sneak in boss?
Just posting me comment and you got there before me!

No hocus-pocus Skint, all done with smoke and mirrors, honest!!

Anonymous said...

This is HILARIOUS!! Great stuff! (My blog should be working now!)

Anonymous said...

M.D. seems almost as gifted a writer as the Minx. He's a keeper! I really wish you'd consider posting pictures of these delightful people. Is he as handsome as he writes?

Lee said...

Hm...I'm quite pleased that my version of MD doesn't have a clue about blogging.

And I think I might work out a series of alternate interview questions, the sort that might be asked in a fantastical blogosphere. Minx, you'll be first on the list! (In fact, I've been playing around with the idea of an alternative-universe blog or blog posts ...)

Unknown said...

Susan, for goodness sake don't encourage him - he was chuckling all day over this one! And you're fishing again, aren't you? Think of us as Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and you'll be no where near!

Lee, sounds good. I am toying with a 'problem page' - Minx the Agony Aunt - think it's a runner?

Lee said...

Minx, absolutely. I've got lots of agonies to bring to you, the first being blogoholism ...

Anonymous said...

Wow this is like stumbling into some sort of funny party!
I just hope ABM doesn't get hold of MD's idea of crashing into the inner sanctum!!!(Maybe not - the golf course is just too alluring ...)
Can I just say you are looking especially foxy tonight Minx?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question -
"Why aren't my shirts flat anymore?

Unknown said...

Yes look CB, keep the ABM(Advanced Beer Monster?) well away, nothing but trouble.

Shirts MD? You know where the iron is, oh no you don't. It's that funny looking thing that sits on the 'surfboard with legs'. What's wrong with hanging them up for a few days anyway, failing that buy a jumper - I'm busy!

Unknown said...

Minx as agonista xtraordinaire...

Why does this sound familiar...

Ooh...! you already write the mockagony column in the Sun. Times Style section, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Here, who're you calling a mad chicken, you evil minx! I'll set Granny Were on you yet.
Now get thee away from the computer and feed your hungry husband and children! Shame on you.
BTW - I'd be worried if Paxy had a thing for me like he does for you - I'd set Granny Were on him too!

Unknown said...

Paxy loves me - yes he does!

Anonymous said...

Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Do not look at small advantages. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.

Unknown said...

Oh, for goodness sake, pack it in and get back to the football. Enough already!

Anonymous said...

Hi MD--
Some advice on the unflat shirts. Put a jumper on over the top. (That's what the MP does, as his only other option is to iron them himself.)

Anonymous said...

I ran across this jewel this morning and I am HOWLING! Not only from the post, but the comments. I hope MD found the surfboard with legs.

But this! THIS! Put me in stitches!

P - Ahh, yes, 'Annie get your drawers on, the vicar's at the door' - a classic.

If I may, this is going to be my new "catch phrase". Loved it!

Unknown said...

Yes, I'm very proud of 'Annie'.
Glad you found this one Roberta but a word of warning - don't believe a word I say - did you know I make things up?

Help yourself to the catch phrase, hope it brightens someones day and do try to keep up in the future - this post is nearly off the radar!!!!