Thursday, July 27, 2006

There is superstition.....

......lying around in old sheds!

I have spent the morning helping a friend clear out her shed that is chock full of ten years of crud. Her husband, recently departed with a busty blond from the local supermarket, was an avid carbooter. He collected the most unlikely things ( including the leopard skinned hussy who is old enough to be his mother).
In amongst the bicycle chains, top hats and assorted divers helmets there was box of interesting books. One in particular caught my eye, a leather bound, tattered and half eaten book entitled 'Omens and Superstition of England'. Inside was a wealth of knowledge, here are some favourites.....

Swearing: Blaspheming in May may bring mice - oops!

Bathing: It is said in Wales, that to wash the body all over, may wash away good luck - enough said.

Remarriage: If a widower should remarry, the ghost of his former wife will attend the wedding - as long as she doesn't want to dance, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Nipples: A woman with three nipples is ne'er likely to gain a husband - how stupid, would think an extra one would enhance her chances.

Singing: It is unlucky to sing before waking - clever, but unlucky!

Caterpillars: It is lucky in Yorkshire to throw the caterpillar over the shoulder - not so lucky for the caterpillar though.

Potatoes: Carrying a potato in the pocket will ward off diseases of the bone - but of course one may also give quite the wrong impression in polite society.

Itchy lips: May bode well for a kiss from ones true love - that, or a nasty coldsore.

And my favourite......

Odd stockings: A man who wears odd stockings will rarely bring forth a wealthy wife - but surely a stocking tolerant one maybe?


Anonymous said...

That's why I love lying around in old sheds.

Anonymous said...

That's great - liked your commentary - (except for the Welsh one of course) ;)

Unknown said...

Each to his own jta, I would prefer an old chair or an old sofa, but hey.....I read the book in my newly purchased hammock - heaven!

And Skint, that was the best of a bad bunch as far as Welsh luck went. Very superstitious lot up there in the valleys and most of it involved sheep parts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Minx,

Less of the "up there in the valleys" please!

But seriously, I always wondered why I didn't spend much time on my legs and feet in the bath. I thought it was a genetic thing, but now I realise it was not innate but due to culture and superstition as passed on from generation to generation...

And what of this meme? Are you going to keep it to yourself or send it on to others who blog?

I hope you're having a good weekend, Minx. I am. It's rained here - thank God, at last, and - eventually! It clears the air. I can breathe now. Plus, as one of the born (into) "valleys' contingent" - raindrops are made in heaven!

Unknown said...

Yes, rain, never thought I be so glad to see it - but still so hot, and it only lasted half a day! Still, the garden looks less like something out of Cider with Rosie and my roses have perked up - a bit!

Sorry about the Welshy washing habits, it was in the book along with a hundred different ones about death in Yorkshire - I blame the author, superstitious twat!

Btw, I don't like meme's, as a general rule CFR, so help yourself if you want it - I don't.