Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Out of the mouths.....

Maxine, a while back, was sad that she had never thought to write down the weird and wonderful things that her children had said over the years. Mmm, well, I kept a book. Here's a couple.

Big Fecker was about six. He was mad on the film 'The Terminator' and we had relented and let him watch it with advice about the language and the general content.
He marched around the house in a borrowed leather jacket and a mean pair of shades saying "I'll be back" to anyone who came through the door.
I am a hater of parents who push their children to show off their talents but his act was so funny that when my parents visited I could not resist.
"Go on show them your Terminator".
My Dad looked bemused and crouched down beside him. My little darling, with the voice of an angel, held his gun up and said
"Fuck you asshole".

Small Fecker(about three at the time) was in the bath with me and had been pondering a little problem.

"Mum, I've got a willy haven't I?"

"Yes, you have"

"And Dad's got a willy hasn't he?"


"And Big F, he's got one?"

"Yes, he has"

"So why have you got a triangle then?"

(I have to say that at this point I praised SF for his knowledge of 'shapes' and explained the rest a few years later)


Lee said...

OK, here's one of mine. When my youngest son was about four, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. His answer: 'God'.

(He's still flying high. Now he wants to a pilot.)

Susan said...

Minx! I laughed so hard I cried reading the Terminator story! I called in my husband and attempted to read the story to him but I ruined it with uncontrolled laughter just before the punchline.

Mike Vecchio said...

Minx - great stories! And, you're worried about if you are raising your kids in a way that will serve them?

I agree with Debi a few posts back - any parent who questions the value of what they are doing - is a good parent. It's the ones that think they know they are doing a good job who may be in for a few surprises.

Stories like this are priceless. Not only are they funny, but they demonstrate what you have been talking about - the unexpected!

Also, I liked your answer to Susan where you were addressing how you would handle it if they got a little too individualistic and told you to blank-off.

Anonymous said...

thanks Minx - the Terminator story is a great start to the day.

Would make a very good Calvin & Hobbes strip, too, methinks.

Unknown said...

Big Fecker was always getting me into trouble with his grandparents. One day, when they were out in the car, my Dad swerved to avoid a stray pedestrian.

"Twat, twat, complete twat" BF shouted from the back seat.

"You shouldn't repeat the things that your Dad says" Grandad said.

"It wasn't Dad, Mum says it all the time, to everyone".

See, bad mother!!!

Mike Vecchio said...

BF is so perceptive that he knew instinctively that they WERE Twats!!!

I could see you being a good mother for assisting him in knowing Twat from non-Twat -:)

"It wasn't Dad, Mum says it all the time, to everyone".

Of course you smiled and bowed at the recognition!!! After all if you don't teach him about some of the less conscious - who will????

Sorry - Still a good mother! You showed him you have a human side that can be frustrated and he was willing to share that with Dad.