Thursday, July 20, 2006

As Ivy

The ivy inches up the wall
with sure intent upon its goal
The single pistil shoots it straight -
inside the barren wall there waits,
a single fissure, sure and still
whose orifice, awaiting fill
allows adventitious roots a hold
Oblivious, that this creeper bold
will steal away its mind and heart
leaving wounds, a mortal scar
of petioled leaves and rampant vine.
The wall, of course, cannot decline
and pulls the coat closer in
uniting in the calyx twine and
lets the greenery do its worst
burrowing deep, quenching thirst.
But wait,
Spring brings poisonous glucoside
offering gentle suicide
that may be the only way
to rid the wall of this affray
that spreads like canker, invading plight
denies the wall the freedom fight
But ivy will not let it go
mutual need drives it so
whilst holding brick in gentle grip
the ivy plants an emerald kiss

1 comment:

Mike Vecchio said...

Minx -

Did you do the artwork?

That artwork is compelling with poem.

There is something mysteriously symbiotic in its expression.