Friday, June 09, 2006

Inner Peace

A friend sent me an email yesterday.

'Try this,' she said, 'it worked for me and I've been trying to find inner peace for years. Aparently Dr Phil recommends that you finish all those things that you have started.
So I looked around the house and found all those things that I have started and never finished. Before I left for work I finished off a bottle of chianti that I had left the night before. Then I finished the merlot and then the bottle of Kahlua that we had opened at the party last Saturday. After that I finished the remainder of a packet of prozac and the half eaten cheesecake. Then I finished the bottle of Baileys, a packets of Doritos and the box of chocolates.
Fuck, do I feel peaceful!!'
Please pass this on to anyone who you feel is stuggling to find their inner peace, it works!


Maxine Clarke said...

Hey, you are back! Now I can't think of anything to say;-)
But good your comments are back -- long may it stay that way.

Anonymous said...

this is the start of a new career - Shri Minx - the Guru.

More words of wisdom please . .

Unknown said...

I totally agree with the cartoon and that's where me, my bruises and my tired eyes are heading. Unfortunately the only things that are unfinished in my fridge are over a week old and may be lethal if I touch them. Sounds like this was a good week to be deprived of internet.

Susan said...

Minx! That must have been you I saw sprawled on the bench downtown, looking so relaxed with all those bottles. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Shri Minx - I am liking that!

Wisdom cometh from the power of the bottle on the downtown bench, but mine eyes fail to see the reasoning behind such bruising Verilion!

Unknown said...

Three letters: P G L.