Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Minx Linx

Hello to Jai Clare, at 'The Cusp of Something', a fellow pasty with an informative, floral blog!

Please also welcome James Long from The Tammany College who manages to write about flowers on the page where he has just delivered a blow of sheer Brute Strength!!


Anonymous said...

hey watch who you're calling a pasty, minx!

Anonymous said...

I just hope he doesn't ask you to water his flowers. If the job you did of dusting over at my place is anything to go by, his flowers will wilt before he's out of the door.

Maybe I should buy him some plastic tulips.

Unknown said...

Don't you come over here after your weekend of rampant sex and start lecturing me about my dusting, young lady! Go home an polish your ring!!!

James Long said...

Thanks for the welcome, Minx. (Tries to think up witty innuendo but can't manage it.)