Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Interesting bedfellows

The MD recently described our bedroom as a Persian Brothel.
"Exactly" I said "just what I was aiming at", which was a complete lie as I had been trying to copy 'the warmth of the Saharan sun coupled with Kings purple' from a house magazine that I'd nicked from the doctors surgery.
The MD leans towards YDI (you-do-it) when it comes to decor. We once had a snarl about a Battleship Grey bathroom and ever since he glazes over when I mention the 'D' word. I don't mind a bit and can happily indulge my taste for rich colour as the fancy takes me.
Ah yes, the bedroom, the most important room in the house, and one that is home to our enormous bed. I love my bed, it is my/our sanctuary and over the years it has seen a lot of action! Childbirth, puking babies, the cat, the kittens, crying in the night, trampolining toddlers, getaway guests and of course, us.
There is room for everyone, and from my bed we can watch the sea on a Saturday morning whilst eating toast, and watch the sunset with a pims and a good book.
As a compiler of lists (sadly not often the shopping type, when I just take pot luck) I have a list of 'interesting bedfellows'. These are bedfellows of the non-sexual type, (I keep those to myself), but the MD and I often get out this mental list when we are bored or have just completed the list of 'things we would buy should we ever win the lottery'! Oh dear, this looks a bit sad, perhaps we should get out more.
Anyway here is my current list of Interesting Non-sexual Bedfellows. The MD has his own and I will only say that he managed to get Goldie Hawn in there for some stupid reason.

1. Sean that he could read to me in 'that' voice.
2. Jamie cook me breakfast.
3. Charles I could hear him say 'fuckers' at the end of '8 Count'.
4. Jack Kerouac.....for the beat, man!
5. Stephen twist my words.
6. Kurt ask him - why?
7. Kurt paint me in bed.
8. Spike talk drivel.
9. Anthony say 'chianti' and still be sexy!
10. The cast of tell me the next bit so that I don't have to wait until next week!
10.5. Ray Winstone.....oops, he just slipped in!

This list is ever changing but all would be welcome to share marmite on toast and a large pot of tea. Who would you have in your Persian Brothel?


Maxine Clarke said...

Viggo, definitely (including beard). Just to look at would be fine.

he would render anyone else a bit superfluous--- so ---

killer sudoku book

reading lamp (special small one so as not to wake anyone up)

at least two books with words in them...

but if I have to have people ---

J K Rowling (to beg her to hurry up with HP7)

Julia Gooding (to tell her to get her Secret of the Sirens website sorted out with her publisher so Jenny can be her favourite siren)

David Hare (to discuss the meaning of plays, his in particular)

Ian McEwan (to talk about books and writing)

Neil Pearson (oops, how did he get in?)

and a few bloggers who have aroused my curiosity but who shall remain nameless!

James Long said...

I have a fantasy of living in a house where from the bed in the master bedroom you can see and hear the sea (a Pisces thing, I'm told), but also (and here's the geographical challenge) where you can turn your head and see and hear tall green trees rustling in the breeze.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm jealous, your bedroom sounds fabulous! (Ours is crapulous.)

Hmm. Non-sexual bedfellows, eh? Oprah. Meg Cabot. Wayne Hemingway. Carson from Queer Eye. Nora Ephron. Hmm. Can I have a all-female pj party instead? The above plus Marian Keyes. And chocolate and pizza and red wine.

Unknown said...

Maxine...exactly which cerebral things would a Viggo bring to your bedchamber?

John...I have sea in the distance, trees behind, it wasn't that difficult. But who shares it with you?

Keris....You can have whoever you want, just fill it up or you're going to get cold!

Maxine Clarke said...

I could just look at Viggo all day, he is so beautiful -- that's all that would be necessary. Now I have to log off before I say something I will regret in the cold light of morning!