Friday, May 19, 2006


Have just finished a first aid course with the most gorgeous paramedic ever. Am leaving you all
to take up a new nursing career!!

(me in my new uniform!!)

Ps Cookies weren't broke, just needed an MOT.


Anonymous said...

You look like one of the pictures Jenny found on Flickr when she typed in "Greek Goddess" ;-)

The geeks at the "blogs and social media" forum I went to the other day did not look much like this, although there was a man in a skirt on the panel. He had to be careful about crossing his legs as his knees were on a level with the audience (us).

Unknown said...

Brilliant! I wish men would wear skirts more often!!

Anonymous said...

That's a darned good pair of legs you've got there, Minxy babe. Not sure the shoes are practical for running around those hospital corridors, though. Good luck with your new career, I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding.


PS: Yes, I really am daft enough to believe the things you say.

Unknown said...