Saturday, May 20, 2006

I do love a good Murder!!

'You're wearing that???'

'I'm trying to.'

It has been a long time since I have made the MD's eyes pop out like an over-squeezed hamster and I have to say I quite liked the effect.
I have just tried ( pushed, pulled, forced) on my outfit for tonight's extravaganza. Complete with short, bobbed, Mary Quant style wig and some very dodgy, jewellery I am hoping to take ten years off. Yeah right!!

We are hosting this month's gathering of the Gin Co-operative and the Beerpigs and we're having a 'Murder Mystery a la Carte'.
We've done them before, but last time I ended up as Sister Wendy Miller who did in fact turn out to be 'Miller the Killer' but the outfit was hot, heavy and soooo not me!!
But tonight Matthew, I'm going to be ........Tara Misu, wanton wife of the gangster Rocco Scarfazi.
Can't stop long because I, stupidly, I opted to make a full Italian menu instead of grabbing a takeaway from Mr Munch in town.
The MD finds it very easy to slip into an accent and I have been worrying all week than I'm going to sound like I've swallowed a Dutch Lativian crossed with the Swedish Chef from Sesame Street. Oh well, probably won't matter if I fill them all with vino before opening my gob!
Now, back to my twenty year old dress - where did I put that shoe horn??

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Anonymous said...

Hope it went well, sounds fun! Cathy had a murder mystery party for her 15th birthday -- was quite good by the sounds emanating from the house (we were shut in a room for the duration). We subscribed to this Internet site for the themes, etc, so let me know if you want the details (most of them have a cheerleader theme -- the mind boggles as to what you would make of that!).