Thursday, May 18, 2006

I seek advice

Does anyone know why I can't comment on a typepad blog? As soon as I try to publish I get 'page expired'. I going to expire myself soon and my friends are going to think that I'm completely ignorant! Help!


Maxine Clarke said...

Hope it sorts out soon, we on typepad need your comments!
I think you should ask that Skint, he seems a to know a great deal about this teccchy stuff -- he is a real mystery what with the Hovis and all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's something to do with your cookies?

Anonymous said...

But you comment on mine and mine's typepad ... (and it probably is something to do with your cookies).

Unknown said...

It's been happening for about 3 days.
What do I do about the cookies?

Marie said...

I've had no problem so far in leaving comments on typepad blogs, perhaps it's your cookies. I'm not sure how you sort them out. Maybe someone here can help?

Anonymous said...

The cookies thing is to do with your security settings. If you can comment OK on some blogs but not others, I doubt it is cookies, but if you want to check, you can go into "tools" at the top of your browser, select Internet Options, then privacy, and set it at "medium" or some level that allows cookies. You can also check your security settings in that Internet Options menu too, to check that you haven't got them set so high it is stopping you from commenting.

Another thing that occurs to me is that I've had trouble in the past in using my webmail account if I have a pop-up blocker on. Have you recently added any pop-up blocker, eg google toolbar, any of those stopzilla anti virus applications, or even msn chat? (Jenny installed msn chat and we accidentially downloaded msn toolbar with it, which blocked her from adding anything to the website she was building). You can remove pop-up blocking for selected sites, and I promise never to put a pop-up on my blog!

Leave a comment on Petrona when you can, I would love to see you back!
All best

Unknown said...

Just done a big clean -up, spybot, tune-up etc, seems to have flushed me out like a beautiful enaema!!