Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Satin and silk
butter soft entry
parting the flesh
A rosary spill
the thump of life
darkening death
of the dirty steel
Caress me here
caress me now
call me in
show me how
Satin will love me
much more than you
Oh cheer up for God's sake!
Everyday addicts
Nurofen for the headache
Paracetamol the pain
Valium gets you out of it
But leaves you much the same
Magnesia for the windy pipes
Vitamin E for the hair
Anusol for unspoken places
and sore bits way down there
Cod liver oil for good clear skin
Garlic for a healthy heart
A whopping dose of echinacea
Will give you a bit of a start
Feminax for the period pains
Settlers for the gut
Iron jelloids and vitamin c
will get you out of a rut
Oh for the sake
of a terrible ache
A tablet, a capsule at will
90% of the human race
dependent on a pill.
Probably a good job I don't inflict my poetry on the world very often but the first one reflects the feelings I had when I popped my baby in the post this morning. The second was a result of the mad scramble on my return to find a cure for my 'stress head' in the first aid box, or should that be 'the residue of everything that my family has ever suffered from' box. Ah well!

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Anonymous said...

oohh sort of liked the last one