Sunday, March 26, 2006

I have a sneaky feeling....

.....that apathy lies very close to my surface but sometimes I just can't seem to get to it. I should have my new pointy boots firmly planted on the sofa by now, letting the MD and the Feckers get on with it. It is Mothers Day and as Queen of the Domain I should not be doing a thing today apart from pleasing myself. Why then do I feel the urge to snatch the iron out of Little Feckers hands saying 'Give it to me, I'll have finished it before you can find the plug socket'. And why oh why can't I let Big Fecker put on his own gas mask and rubber gloves to clean his own bedroom- think it's a bedroom, the bed disappeared from view sometime in 2003.
Conclusion:- I simply do not have enough 'sloth' in my gene handbag.
Sloth - good word- slothy, slothish, slothlike- cannot possibly be a sin otherwise Owen (treacherous cat) would not appear to be having such a wonderful life.

sloth and minx
not much difference really!

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