Sunday, September 25, 2011

Absolutely yes

So, yes, where was I?
Oh, yes,
I have been wrestling with the munchkins, bitch slapping the trolls, hot wiring demons on the dark side of the wardrobe and for a little while they were on the winning side.
Life has a funny way of sorting itself out without you having a hand in it. It dishes out the sennakot when you can't get past something and offers a kick up the backside as a reminder that you are not superwoman, that you are fallible, and that it was about time you started looking at those neon signposts that are flashing in front of your eyes..

It took a health issue to re-start the engine. After surviving the best attempts of the local hospital to rid themselves of me, I am now home with idle time on my hands and very itchy fingers. I have purchased a brand new shiny laptop as I cannot move off my increasingly spreading ass for a couple of weeks and I am here, waiting for some breathtakingly, divine interference to pass over the keys to opening the floodgates to blogdom.
I wait.
In the meantime, I content myself that Steve (above) is managing my household.

Do I mind the wait?

Absolutely not!


Debi said...

Excuse me. Hospital???

red dirt girl said...

When you're done with Steve, send him my way .... please!


Unknown said...

Debi - umm, yes, on top of everything else. I have been re-built! 3 mths off work - bonus!

Red, no, you can't.

Leslie Hawes said...

You know what 'they ' say about idle hands..."Poor Steve won't be able to get a stitch of work done...that's IS what 'they' say, you know.

Now, queue the Divine Interference.

red dirt girl said...


glad you're back ...!

Unknown said...

I didn't say I wanted him to DO any work, Leslie, I am just happy to watch and please tell Divine Interference to have another coffee - I am busy!

Mule! I need gossip, mail!!!!

bulletholes said...

I would do anything for love, but i won't do that.
Get well minxy!

Unknown said...

Bullets, you know you would!

Unknown said...

What have you been up to? And can you tell Steve that my windows need doing.

Unknown said...

Veeeeee! Hello, France.
And no, you can't have Steve, you are a responsible mother now, no cleaning toys for you!

mac said...

I'm glad you survived.
I'm also offering to fill in if Steve gets sick or something ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey, Mac, I see the pink mistress is still lurking as yer avater, I can see a matching pink apron!
Oooh, tis lovely, the gang is gathering again - whoop whoop!

Roberta said...

Please send Steve. Haven't visited for a while! I've missed you. I actually have to come to your page to find a link to mine!

Recover quickly! xox

Unknown said...

Roberta, please get yer own 'Steve' - I found mine all by myself - now go get yours!

soubriquet said...

The word verification is gurdebi.
Who's gur?

Welcome back, I'd thought you were lost in Shangri-La.
Now, as regards convalescence, it is indeed wise to get some help about the house, but I must warn you to keep your hands off that housekeeper. He looks to me as though he'd run a mile rather than be touched by a girl.
I'll expect to see you in the tabloids when Pink Steve tells all.
And DON'T send him to that Red Dirt Girl, dammit, or give her any more wild ideas. Good grief.

Unknown said...

Hey, Soub,
shangri-la wasn't all it was cracked up to be so I came back here for some fun!
I didn't say I wanted to touch him, I only want to watch!

I am intrigued by Red's wild ideas, fill me in, now!

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