Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rubbish poem

Crow sat above fields of corn
A black knight of local kin
Surveyed his kingdom all alone
Bereft of crowish, larking din
I sat and watched his bi-valved form

Crow dipped his head to spy a thing
Cornfed cricket, or fieldmouse, husk
Carriage bent with beaded eye
Feathers mussed by a sailing gust
Caught his mizzen masted wing

I smiled to see his Fagin rags
tatty head and spoiler beak
He turned, caught me, laughed aloud
at glasses, lost, and ego piqued
The crowing was a plastic bag


mac said...

Rubbish, indeed.

I like it !

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*love* this one. Fagin... such a big smile for me, thank you.

Did you show this to Jon?


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

A Book Inside said...

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Reading the Signs said...

I like!

Gerry said...

You are rubbish, minx.!

Kate said...

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red dirt girl said...

Happy New Year, minxy! May it be the Year of the Mule !

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Grant B. said...

Great post!

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Unknown said...

Eeeek, I am a shopping mall!!!

laughingwolf said...

very well said, kate :)

Marley's Mom said...

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Unknown said...

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