Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Well done me

Being English we are not very well known for blowing our own trumpets when we have achieved something. Even if we have not done something that requires a podium and a glitzy certificate we are still a bit crap at acknowledging the small victories and insignificant achievements that we do every day.
I suspect that this goes for everyone because no one throws a party when they have managed to change the bedding, feed the cat and clean the bloody house from top to bottom in under an hour.
So, I am awarding myself a certificate of the day and here are ten things to be proud of today...

  • I didn't lose my temper when a work colleague was being a twat over a stapler
  • Remembered to give Small Fecker his lunch money
  • Hand washed a sweater and it didn't shrink
  • I only swore once when I got my scarf caught in the car door
  • And only swore twice when I realised that I had forgotten to buy hair conditioner this week
  • I answered five emails the day I got them
  • I found a long lost beloved sock
  • Wrote half a crappy poem in the night
  • wrote the other crappy half this morning
  • and didn't even mind the crappiness of the whole thing when I can't seem to write a bean at the moment.
Now you.....


Jan said...

YOU are a very human Blogger and THAT'S why you have so many folk who follow your very real and very honest blog.
PS Minx I think most folk would expect to be VERY rewarded... for cleaning in an hour AND changing the bedding..
And I know just wot you mean about finding a longlostsock..

bulletholes said...

You will probably argue qwith me, but you sound really cute today.

fatboysblogg said...
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Pallav said...

that's a lot to do in one day and just three swears?!

some control that is!


Unknown said...

Thank you, Jan. This blog is me - I am Minx and she is me (the cow eats more chocolate than me though).

No argument, Bullets, it is good to still be called 'cute' at my age - heh.

After caffeine, FB, always after caffeine.

No control, NM, without the caffeine I am a complete sweary Mary.

bulletholes said...

And I really like this picture of you....
Is that ice Cream Lipstick?
I love Ice Cream lipstick.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Good for you, Minx! If you don't pat yourself on the back once in a while, who will? Not the twat with the stapler! A day well done indeed!

Unknown said...

Bullets, I am going to have to swear in your general direction in a minute!

Petra, the twat with the stapler needs a kick up the arse before she gets anywhere near my back.

Anonymous said...

You write a great blog Kate, I have been remiss in my visiting. Sorry...

Vesper said...

Well done you! :-)

I should try writing such a list for me. Just by reading yours, I'm feeling much better about myself tonight...

You're lovely, Minx! :-)

Unknown said...

No apologies, Mutley, life gets in the way. Just soothe me with more flattery or I'll dig yer eyes out with blunt spoons.

It is far easier to be negative about life, vesper, it takes more effort to be positive.
I got up on time this morning and have made myself two cups of tea already - well done me.

Roberta said...

Yes in deed, well done you!

Did you say it was my turn?

1) I did not bitchslap fat ugly sister-in-law when she whined and complained at Thanksgiving that the family doesn't get together often enough. (For reasons unfathomable to her).

2) I did not spit in husbands tea on Monday morning after spending the night in the guest room on a lumpy bed with a stomach virus.

3) I have purchased 3 gifts for Christmas. Three. What is today?

4) I am spearheading a two day drive (8 hours a day) to Florida to care for husbands 98 year old dying Great-Grand Uncle for 5 days. This will include bathing, feeding and medicating. We will be back on the 15. (How many days till Christmas then?)

5) So far, my fervent prayers of "Please GOD don't let it snow until after Christmas" have gone slightly heeded.

6) I have just checked my blog...I haven't written a word for months and I am wandering if I ever will have the time again.

7) I have earned enough money on MyFaceBookFarm to buy a barn. That's a lot of corn and potatoes! If only real life was as gratifying.

8) I wonder what matching sox are?

bulletholes said...

Swear me in babe, swear me in!

Unknown said...

Oh very well done, Roberta, but the ugly sister deserves the slap and a few well aimed kicks to her fat knees - I'll help!

You are just goading me into blaspheming, Bullets, and I won't be drawn. Very fucking well done me!

Roberta said...

How did you know she had fat knees? Hmmm?

Unknown said...

All ugly sisters-in-law have fat knees - it's the law. Shall I remove her ugly teeth with a chainsaw?

Roberta said...

Oh, thank you for offering, but please leave me some pleasure in life.

Anonymous said...

I always give myself credit for the little things. If I don't who will?
Well, Minx will, and that is a comfort.

Here's my list:
1. I did not cry when my camera stopped working. I put a special jiggle hex on it, and it resumed good behavior.
2. I did not ignore the phone for the umpteenth time, but picked it up, and listened to the recording telling me the woes of allowing my warranty to expire on my 18 year old truck, and then pressed 9 to be removed from their calling list.
3. I did not ignore the phone for the umpteenth time, but picked it up, and listened to the recording telling me that they could lower my mortgage rate, send me on an all expense paid vacation for 3 days and nights to Peoria, and help me with those pesky credit card bills.
4. I did not break the phone when the recording did not offer me the option of pressing 9 to be removed from their calling list.
5. I put a love note in my husbands lunch for two days in a row.
6. I let the dog have his toy in the middle of the carpeted floor, and walked around the spitty drool spot for the rest of the day.
7. I finally called the Habitat for Humanity Store and scheduled a pick up date for the 4 old mismatched bookcases that have been in the garage for a long, long time.
8. I avoided writing a mean email concerning a person that lives in close proximity, because I knew it would bite me in the butt at some time in the future.
9. I did not scream at the news report on the TV.
10. I swatted hundreds of flies as they came in through the open door that is open because the dog likes to lie in the threshold.

My verification word is "bazones". I think that's Italian for chutzpah.

Unknown said...

I always like to help a friend where I can, Roberta.

Aww, I loves number five, Leslie, super well done, gold star, etc.
I also shrieked at the TV - where is our snow? I put in my order and the rest of the country has it in blizzardfuls - where the hell is my share?

bulletholes said...

I love number five too!
i'm starving over here!
i sure like you girls, you know that?

Unknown said...

Oh Bullets, I am feeling so sorry for you and your empty lunch box that I would probably let you do Leslie's number six as well (as long as you didn't drool too much).

Are you flirting with us, Mr Texas? You really should be a little more obvious you know!

Roberta said...

Minx darling, cut him some slack. It's been a very, very long time since I've been flirted with.

bulletholes said...

Allright Roberta!
Which one you girls wants me to hold you?

Unknown said...

Very kind, Bullets, but I mostly need to be held up this morning - I still have gin in me legs!

bulletholes said...

Its your lucky day!
I happen to specialize in Gin-Legged women!
Be there as soon as i can make the East coast, swim the Atlantic, and busk me way to Cornball!
Good Mornin', sugar!

Beatrice V said...

Hello Minxy well done! Wish I could have achieved just half of that myself.. finding the missing sock etc...:) And the muse? Well all our muses have gone Awol having a ball somewhere, not too worry, they will be back. Hugs and miss you, hope we meet in the new year. Off soon to South India for the holidays (yes had booked before the troubles) Bx

Unknown said...

We still hang buskers, Bullets!

Bon voyage, Miss B. The sock has gone again, I think it is cursed.

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

1. I cleaned my house today with help, and I use that term loosely, from 2 teenagers
2. I did not kill the one that moved slower than a sloth
3. I cooked and crafted and volunteered for the sloth's school fundraising winter fair.
4. I did not kill the sloth when he complained about having to go to the fair.
5. I am drinking wine
6. I have ordered 'goods' over the internet to make more crafts with (2 birds with 1 stone that shopping and getting to make art with the proceeds)
7. Still drinking wine
8. I'm stumped but there must be summat
9. no?
10. apparently not.

Becast is my password. Feel the magic.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

What a great list!

I think you should be awarded chocolate and good coffee just for all of that.

Helen needs to pass that wine around, I think it's doing wonders.

I will put all of mine into one:

I coerced my cardiologist into doing my heart surgery tomorrow even though I have a nasty cold/flu and probably should not be under the knife.

I am used to getting my way, and I am very glad to be getting it again, this time.

Pass that wine now, please.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Both of you deserve a very large glass of wine and chocolate, chocolate is a good personal prize.