Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Merka shouts its answer

Every newspaper and discussion program has been talking about it 24/7 for weeks and this morning I am almost sick of the phrase 'an historical event' but America has yelled its answer.

I stayed up until I was sure, a couple of matchsticks propping open my eyes until the first declarations came in. The predicted landslide was coming to fruition and it wasn't long before McCain admitted defeat.

I am not a political creature but this election seemed to be calling out to the rest of the world. America was no longer prepared to be duped by shiny teeth and lies and maybe we are all ready for Mr Obama's 'change'.
Election promises have often been found to be lacking in the following years of term but if America's new head honcho gets off to such a resoundingly positive start then maybe the petty squabbling, scandals and back biting can be put to one side for the good of a nation that definitely needed a kick up the ass! I am just hoping that the one wearing the big boot can stretch across the Atlantic and give us a poke as well.

pee ess - Debi has highlighted a global message board at Avaaz, go HERE.


Unknown said...

Well, I sense change in the air, I sense, in fact exactly the opposite of what I sensed after 9/11 - so here's hoping.

Roberta said...

Minx, not everyone is as resoundingly happy about this. For my state, in particular...Obama's policies will bankrupt us and destroy our economy.

I might just be moving to England.

Unknown said...

I'm sick of it, thank goodness it's over!

Unknown said...

I am hoping as well, Vanilla. With such a worldwide slump happening I think a change can only be for the good.

I don't pretend to know how Obama's policies will affect each state, Roberta, and wouldn't presume to inflict my own ideals on anyone else. From this side of the pond it just appears that at last someone is talking out of their mouth instead of out of their ass!

I think we were all reaching saturation point, John G, but this one was kind of special!

Roberta said...

Well. We'll see. Anything is better than what we had! That's for damn sure!

bulletholes said...

I'd like to join that Raving Looney Monster Party ya'll got over there.
Then I could walk around saying
"I say, my eschquere (sp) is a spiffy low.
Lets invade France, Whot?"
Then I could run down to St. Annes Court or Soho for a little....what do they have there?

Or something like that.

Once again, America has set the example for everyone else to try to follow. The last time was....well I aaint no historian.

Its taken a long time, and our reputation is badly tarnished, but I think this guy has the message the Planet needs to hear.

Hi minx! See you down on Touloose street!

Unknown said...

Absolutely damn sure, Roberta, and if Mr Obama turns out to have horns and a tail then you can come and stay with me!

I think they might lock you up if you talk like that, Bullets.

"Its taken a long time, and our reputation is badly tarnished, but I think this guy has the message the Planet needs to hear." - good, strong words, Mr B.

Meet me on Piccadilly (like Soho only without the fish!).

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Oh yes. He never wanted to invade Iraq. He wants the people, not the corporations, to be bailed out.
They and others are pretty positive messages.
btw, Minx, I totally understand and respect your feelings about the Award. And you're very welcome.

Unknown said...

I suppose the truth of his campaign speeches will out when he gets his feet under table. The trouble is i think people are now expecting miracles!
And thanks for the understanding about the award - being 'superior' about anything gives me the shivers.

Jan said...

It's the most marvellous of news.

Debi said...

Just that one short word - hope. Until you have it, you don't realise how much you DIDN'T have it before ...

Saaleha said...

He's given the rest of the world hope. And that can only be a good thing.

bulletholes said...

I took a trip to London,
To look around the town.
When I got to Piccadilly,
The sun was going down.
I never saw such darkness,
The night was black as pitch.
When suddenly, in front of me,
I thought I saw a witch.

Oh, it was Lily, from Picadilly,
You know the one I mean.
I spend each pay-day, that's my hey-hey day,
With Lily, my blackout queen.

Oh yeah! Hi Minxy!

Unknown said...

Was quite pleased meself, Jan.

I was just hoping that the world didn't get obliterated before i finished with this life. Now it seems, for a while, Debi, that we may dare to hope about other things.

You are beginning to scare me now, Bullets. How did you know I was a witch?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


It's about time.

And, it's about hope and change.


Thank you for the support!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

It is a great relief to know that this country is again given the opportunity to display its best.

We have been so lost for so long.

I have liked Mr. Obama since the first time he said the word "Constitution".

Vesper said...

I very much hope so, Minx...
Yet, I am very sceptical by nature...

Unknown said...

SAALEHA! Sorry I missed you off my last reply. I was accosted by a malware/spy thingy virus (Antivirus 2009)and was fighting off pop-ups when I was in here last. Glad to say a nice little man has cleaned me up and I apologise again for being rude! Really good to see you.

Didn't do much supporting, Scarlett, just watched through me binoculars to see what you were all doing!

Mr O's election has certainly made the world wake up and take notice, Leslie. We might well have gone back to sleep again had you gone for the other one!

Hmm, Vesper, and I am very cynical about any politician on the campaign trail. We shall see if the silky promises are worth anything but I suspect he has some integrity which is more than the last monkey you had!

L.M.Noonan said...

We--and Kevvie our great, wise and greying leader--are very glad that Mr Obama has the new top job. When you've reached rock bottom you can only go up. Right?

Pants said...

Hi Minxie

At the very least, the rot will stop. I'm already starting to fret about the weight of expectation on this man though.



Unknown said...

I think Gordo is also quite pleased with the thought of a new 'best friend', Noony, at least he would be if he could stop bitching with David Cameron about it!

Change takes time, Pants, I just hope he's got enough of it.

Beatrice V said...

I think everyone will have to wait and see what happens after the honeymoon period. Let hope there will be positive change.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm certainly ecstatic about the results of the election. If I had had any doubts about who to vote for Sarah Palin put them to rest. I'm all for women in politics, but we've got to raise the bar a little higher when it comes to the oval office.

red dirt girl said...

Minxy, girlfriend

I know 'it's an historical event' became a tiresome phrase. But having grown up during the birth of civil rights in the deep south - it truly IS a historical event: to have Americans - working class WHITE americans vote for a black man with a muslim name ..... unbelievable.

And I was jumping up and down, high fiving with my son - and I normally avoid the TV like the plague.

The problem I foresee, however, is that with such a 'legacy' weighing heavy on his shoulders - a congress and senate who will make certain his presidency will be a hellish balancing act .... he will be under a microscope for the next 4 years. One misstep, one failure - and his 'historical event' will crumble to pieces.

Let's all pray to the gods and goddesses that Obama negotiates the landmines already being laid upon his path ....


Unknown said...

Yep, we'll just go back to drinking our tea now, Beatrice, and watch and see what happens.

Umm, yes, HM, a few of us have had an opinion about that woman (Where did I put my gun, honey?).

Don't get me wrong, sweet mule, it is a very historical event, it was just that every newsreader had the same script.
I am praying as well.

日月神教-向左使 said...