Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Gin House Rules

I hate rules. Rules usually tell you something that you can't do but occasionally a set of rules are required to keep an establishment running smoothly.
Six months ago the dynamics of our house changed and the Feckers and I have just decided that we need a new set of rules to abide by.

Together we made ten new rules for living in the Gin House and they are stuck to the fridge....

1. Please make an effort to have as much fun as possible.

2. Only laughter will be tolerated.

3. Do not be selfish with your music - turn it up so that we can all hear it.

4. Sing at least twice a day.

5. Make mem a cup of tea, now!

6. No giggling after 4am and not before 10am.

7. Friends should be confined to 20 decibels and can only come in if they have brought goodies with them.

8. The chocolate in the cupboard is always mem's.

9. This house is yours so always be yourself.

10. There will only ever be LOVE in this house.

I would be interested to know what your own Gin House Rules are and whether they work or not -rule number 8 seems to be failing miserably!



Yodood said...

Living with only my cat there are only his rules:
Do not type when I'm sitting on the keyboard
Do not use the mouse when I am sitting in front of the monitor
Do not sleep if my bowl is empty
Do not refuse me lap space or I will charm you to distraction

He's the only break from my do-nothing daily routine. The only times I realize I am doing something by just being, because its with something other than him.

Unknown said...

One rule: don't worry about making a mess. Life is untidy anyway...

Rules are meant to be learned and then broken... that's what I tell the poetry class ;)

Unknown said...

Yodood, to your list of cat rules I would also add -

*Do not ever laugh at me
*That chair is mine, and that one, and that one...
* Do not tut when I lick my bottom in public

Cats could teach us all a thing or two!

Rules are for breaking, Babs, well, not the speeding kind of rules anyway, they cost money - ouch.

Now, I'm off to a 70's night. Do you think this make up is a little too much? Yes? Good.

fatboysblogg said...
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Debi said...

I'm not a member of the ruling class, but this is a good set of rules were I to have any (or have any hope of enforcing them).

Now, word verification. Seems to me to be a bit ... er ... spooky lately. Anyone else notice? Today it's 'pantme' which could be connected with pantomime or something somewhat more lewd. Is this just me???

soubriquet said...

My flat, my rules.... but usually only me to follow or break them.
So.. Rules?
No. not really.
But yours sound pretty good. Actually, I'd imagine the feckers hsve figured out that in times of trouble, offerings of chocolate can appease the she-devil.

It's no weaker a premise than most religions run on.

By the way... word verification today = "dipshot"

soubriquet said...

crulm now. I love this. Word verification is sometimes nearly as good as a new dictionary.

"She pressed the crulm tightly into its hot socket"
"Careful! There's crulm all over the floor!"
"They could hear it in the basement... crulm, crulm, crulm, as it edged its heavy form toward the steps... "Esmeralda, you must flee", he whispered, "I shall face it, try to delay it with this popcorn, and some sparkly wrappers" "Oh Jacob, my love", she wept as the house shuddered, crum, crulm.. "Come with me, that plastic fork and paper plate will be no protection....." He turned his resolute gaze upon her,took in her tear-stained face for the last time. "Esmeralda, one of us must survive, one of us must warn the village" with a sob, she flung herself at him, kissing him fiercely, tore herself loose, and fled into the night.......

soubriquet said...

I have derriab now...
I really had no idea that as I was deliberating word verification, Debi was doing the exact same thing.

soubriquet said...


soubriquet said...


I think word verification in recent times has been altered to create more wordlike puzzles, no idea how it works.

Okay Minsk, I'm done now. Peace and chocolate.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I'm glad it isn't only me on the word verification. A big difference to "tater" down below and past entries such as blfghrllspghi! :))

You rock, Minx!

Unknown said...

"Pantme!" she said, flinging the peace and chocolate all over the crulm "I love it when my comments box is full of fuxking nutters".

The fuxking nutters muttered about their taters and overly loud televisions while avoiding the flying lumps of peace that were aimed at their derriabs.
"More will arrive in a minute" the She Devil yelled "I can have a dipshot at them as well."

Meloney Lemon said...

They not only eat the chocolate - they hide the wrappers. I blame the parents.

Your rules are cool and very happy.

CAULITSH: Where? On the kitchen floor again. Your turn to clear it up.

Anonymous said...

I had noticed word verification (of late) seeming to mimic words or names that show up in the blog.

"Hante Em! There's no place like home!", Dorothy pantme.
"Crulm! Have some taters, dipshot," said Hante Em. "Derriab, didn;t I tell you not to be outside after durak? You could be swept away in a tornado."
Hante Em turned back to her ingspill, caulitsh quietly to herself as she cleaned taters for the fuxking.

Anonymous said...

Hopalong qaxedi rode into town on his white horse...

Unknown said...

Hiding the wrappers, Meloney, or disposing of them in a sensible and recyclable way? Mine recycled their wrappers down the sofa.

"Dorothy Pantme." said the Wicked Minx of the South "You Hante Em is slightly mad, best that you join us here in menchkumland and avoid their tater fuxking ways."

Debi said...

Cherver! Cherver is a server with chervil for a gerbil.

Run away and hide! They know what we're thinking! But don't hide behind the sofa. You can't move for sweetie wrappers down here.

Unknown said...

There is also a tribe of peanuts and a half eaten biscuit creature in the land of Sofa but we have no cherver's, as yet. I am being tempted to use the vacuum weapon against them but my pacifist nature says 'live and let scermi' - apparently.

Anonymous said...

Bilest you get too many scermis in Sofaland, a vacuum weapon is recommended.
Failing that, allowing the dog on the couch periodically should dispense with the crumbs.

Debi said...

Oi! Who you calling a dog? mismuln.

Anonymous said...

I did no such thing. I called you a crumb.
Gulingst. So there.

fatboysblogg said...

You're all bloody bonkers,and I should know.

bulletholes said...

Great Rules Minxy...Though I'm afraid I would break #6 because I am a silly Fekker from the time I wake up all day long.
I would add
"No walking on eggshells, if you got something to say, speak on up"

red dirt girl said...

Rules? rules?

well i attempt boring rules such as no tv, no text messaging, no girlfriend seeing until homework is completed .... but all the other so called rules??? ha.

we live by only one: CHAOS RULES !!


Unknown said...

THEY are bonkers, FB, I am not (the Great Goddess of Snerfig told me).

We got rid of the eggshells as well, Bullets.

Shh, Muley, we don't talk about the boring rules (Big Fecker, wash that coffee mug now!).

soubriquet said...

I have the cure for all your ills, the pharmacist murmured, enticingly, rolling a few capsules of exalin onto the tabletop, take these and no crulm will disturb your blithe indiefers.
Indiefers? he muttered, oh pantme.. om mani pantme hummmmmmmmmmmmmm...
He'd never quite recovered from the caulitsch.

soubriquet said...


Unknown said...

The derriabs of Lady Buntivs corset would not budge an inch further.
"Heavil" she cried.
Agnes heaved but the derriabs were immovable. Lady Buntivs was still overburdened in the frontage so Agnes reached into her pocket.
One drop of phormal oil slid Lady B into her corset like a greased pig in a satin dress.
Agnes was trerfte.

Yodood said...

I was given a carifle with which to drive by and make crulms of the lot.

Roberta said...

House rules, hmmm.

Having lived hrough and admittedly bit my tongue through several girlfriends...I have to admit my own house rules are a bit stringent.

1) Please clean up after yourselves.

2) I love you but I am NOT going to do your laundry.

3) Eat whats in the fridge...if you decide to cook exotic -- well then share.

4) If you fight, please don't do it infront of me. Keep it outside. I really don't give a shit.

5) Thank you for wrestling the dog to the ground and grimacing that she's chewed up (yet again) my best bra. Next time please tell me about it before I put it one and the whole underwire is bent!

6) I know you love chocolate. I do too. Buy your own.

7) If you leave my boys, don't expect me to take your cell phone calls.

8) I love you to death, but my sons hurts come first. Please understand that.

9) What the hell? You need money?

10) Live just seems easier with you stay that way.

My word verification is SIONA. Hmmm...Sionara?

Unknown said...

Oh, Yodood, can I be Bonnie?

Ah ha, Roberta, somebody back on task and a good one too. Hmm, girlfriend rules - I think I may have to copy this.

Debi said...

nonfer. Rules? Non fer me, thanks. I'm just sitting here under this nonfer tree minding me own business, hoping I won't get hit on the head by falling bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Ityptsi the rules!
The only rule that I had in a house of hungry men was for them to announce what it was that was that they were disappearing from the fridge so that I could replenish.

Ityptsi, indeed! I types whatever I feels like.

Unknown said...


-Ou est le flaston, s'il vous plait?
-C'est la, dans la piscine!

Even does word verification in french now!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure we have any rules - and if we do, they're so collective we don't write them down. Hmm, now you've really got me thinking - and it's still too early for that!

But I love your list - love and fun and chocolate - yeah!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I like your rules.

I'll move into that spare room off the end of the house and bring gin and chocolate if you let me.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore